COVID-19 cancels Camp Fire Ceremony

Trista DeShaw

Aveeon Drake

Adrienne Freiburger

Emma Hynick

Jayme Patterson

Emma Richter

Ami Schwendinger
Staff report

     Typically at this time of year, the local Camp Fire organization would be preparing for the annual Camp Fire Ceremony and WoHeLo Awards Banquet.

     Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), that ceremony has been cancelled. A ceremony to honor the WoHeLo recipients will be held at a later date, when it’s safe to do so.

     This year, seven local girls will receive their coveted WoHeLo Medallion: Ami Schwendinger, Jayme Patterson, Trista DeShaw, Emma Hynick, Emma Richter, Aveeon Drake, and Adrienne Freiburger.

     WoHeLo stands for work, health, and love. It is the highest Camp Fire honor. Each girl must complete 11 requirements, including: community service, researching the history of the Camp Fire organization, and a summary of the years spent in Camp Fire.

     The following are short biographies of the WoHeLo recipients:

Ami Schwendinger

     Schwendinger has been in Camp Fire for 10 years.

     Her most memorable moments have been going through Camp Fire with her best friend, and making new, lifelong friends and memories along the way.

     Other than Camp Fire, Schwendinger is also involved in softball and choir.

     She is the daughter of Cindi and Eric Schwendinger of Monticello.

Trista DeShaw

     DeShaw has been in Camp Fire for 11 years.

     She’s enjoyed making new friends and going camping throughout her Camp Fire experiences.

     DeShaw is also involved in band, choir, cheerleading, and girls soccer.

     She works for Treasured Weddings in Monticello.

     DeShaw is the daughter of Wendy DeShaw of Anamosa.

Emma Hynick

     Hynick has been in Camp Fire for 11 years.

     “I loved all of the new things I got to experience with some of my best friends,” she said.

     Some of Hynick’s most memorable moments in Camp Fire include: getting to eat pizza at meetings when they were younger, and going to college visits with her mom, Ami Schwendinger, and Cindi Schwendinger.

     Outside of Camp Fire, Hynick is involved in volleyball, track, basketball, and speech.

     She is the daughter of Christina and Anthony Hynick of Monticello.

Jayme Patterson

     Patterson has been a part of Camp Fire for eight years.

     “I enjoyed our meetings at Pizza Ranch so we could eat and discuss,” she said of her favorite memories.

     Outside of Camp Fire, Patterson was involved in band, choir, track, and cheerleading in school.

     She is the daughter of John and Jessi Patterson of Monticello.

Emma Richter

     Richter has been active in Camp Fire for 11 years.

     “The best thing about being in Camp Fire was being able to hang out with my friends and go do fun things as a whole group,” shared Richter.

     Through school she was also involved in volleyball, football manager, basketball, track, softball, concert band, and jazz band.

     Richter also works at the Hopkinton pool.

     She is the daughter of Bob and Tina Richter of Hopkinton.

Aveeon Drake

     Drake has been in Camp Fire for 11 years. She enjoyed seeing her friends and going to a huge corn maze with her Hopkinton Camp Fire group, as well as sleep overs in the gym at the Hopkinton Lenox College.

     Drake is involved in concert band, choir, softball, wrestling cheerleading, and soccer in school.

     She is employed at The Cone Shoppe in Monticello.

     Drake is the daughter of Danielle Drake of Monticello.

Adrienne Freiburger

     Freiburger, of Hopkinton, has been a part of Camp Fire for 10 years.

     “The best part of Camp Fire for me was being able to strengthen the relationship between myself and the girls I grew up with,” she said. “They and their personalities truly helped to further me as a person.”

     In high school, Freiburger has been a part of Teens Eliminating Lies (TEL), TSN, Hopkinton Hurricanes 4-H Club, Marching and Pep Bands, Concert Band, teacher’s aide, Talented and Gifted, and Spanish Club.

     She was also employed through Kirkwood’s SunCountry Produce.

     Freiburger is the daughter of Nicci and Aaron Supple and Bob and Rachel Freiburger.


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