COVID numbers continue to drop in Jones Co.

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Due to the holiday season, there was no end-of-the-week COVID-19 update from Jones County Public Health. However, Public Health Coordinator Jenna Lovaas did provide some statistics to the board of supervisors at their Dec. 22 meeting.

     Since March, Jones County has had 2,532 confirmed positive cases of the virus. At that time, the 14-day positivity rate in the county was at 12.8 percent.

     “It’s still dropping,” noted Lovaas.

     There were only four COVID patients hospitalized.

     “Things have much improved,” Lovaas added.

     In the previous three days, there were 10 positive cases reported; 31 cases in the last seven days.

     “They’re coming at a much slower pace,” Lovaas said.

     There has been a total of 49 deaths associated with COVID-19. Lovaas said the delay in reporting deaths from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) is due to death certificates being finalized.

     EMA Coordinator Brenda Leonard was on hand in Linn County on Dec. 21 to help sort PPE from the state for long-term care facilities. She said Jones County was to receive 50 cases.

     “It was sorted by county, then by care center,” explained Leonard. “It was delivered yesterday afternoon, all at no charge to the facilities.”

     Since the pandemic started, Leonard said statewide, 17 million cases of PPE have gone out to various counties at no cost.

     JCPH Preparedness Specialist Kaci Ginn informed the board that the Moderna COVID vaccine was approved and shipments have already begun.

     “Hopefully we’ll start to receive our doses in Jones County this week,” she said. “We’ve been working with our partners on a schedule for vaccinations.”

     In Iowa, those in healthcare and considered frontline workers are first to receive the vaccine.

     “I’m not sure what Phase 2 looks like or when it’ll happen,” Ginn said of the demographics. “It depends on the stock (of vaccines) and getting the vaccines manufactured.”

     Some healthcare providers who live in Jones County, Ginn noted, are receiving the vaccine in other counties due to their place of employment, whether at a hospital in Dubuque or Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, for example.


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