Custom farming rates show slight decline

     Custom farming can provide an additional source of income for those with machinery and experience, or alleviate a farmer of a particular task that they do not wish to do on their own.

     Whether the farmer is performing or receiving the custom work, the question always comes up over what to charge. And while rates vary from one operator to another, a new report by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach provides a look at projected averages for 2020.

     The 2020 Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey is available in the March edition of Ag Decision Maker, and provides custom prices for common farm tasks in Iowa, compiled from 106 respondents.

     According to the report, there was a 3 percent decline across all categories, with complete harvesting and hauling declining by 4 percent, and bin and machinery rental increasing by 2.3 percent.

     The average price for custom combining corn in Iowa in 2020 is $36.70 per acre, compared to $35.95 per acre in 2019. Spraying, per acre, is $6.70 in 2020, a slight decline from $7.25 per acre in 2019.

     In addition to field activities, the report also includes prices for commodity storage, snow removal and farm maintenance, equipment rental and labor prices.

     Additional publications on machinery, including how to estimate specific machinery costs and historic days available for fieldwork can also be found through the Ag Decision Maker website,



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