Dairy conference is scheduled

   Learn the latest information about dairy nutrition and management at the 2022 Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference June 1 and 2 at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa. This conference features information on improving transition cow performance as well as other pertinent information.

   RP Nutrient’s pre-conference symposium focuses on uncovering profit opportunities. Anita Menconi, of Evonik, will provide an overview and outlook of the global dairy nutrition industry.

   Select breakout topics include:

   • Relationship between transition cow nutrition and management strategies and outcomes.

   • Utilizing alternative feeds for profit and sustainability.

   • Heat stress indicators in dry cows and pre-weaned calves.

   • Developing your people for high performance.

   • Why productive life matters.

   • Dry off inflammation and transition cow performance.

   • Alternative forages for dry cows.

   • Modifying milk components.

   • Circadian feeding strategies to improve performance.

   For more information and to register, visit http://fourstatedairy.org/ or contact Wisconsin Agri-Service Association, 608-223-1111, or Jim Salfer at salfe001@umn.edu or 320-203-6093. The conference registration fee is $175.



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