Dan Zumbach (R), Iowa Senate District 48

     1. Why are you seeking the office of State Senator? It has been an honor to represent Jones, Linn, Buchanan and Delaware counties the last few years. I have spent the majority of my time listening and moving policy forward the people from our area want. It is what they expect, and I will continue doing and acting on their behalf.

     2. What are some significant issues you anticipate in the upcoming legislative term? I believe the most significant and difficult issue this session will be balancing the budget. We know there has been a lot of chaos this year across the state. Figuring out what we can afford will be challenging but doable. Good ideas can come from both sides of the aisle. When good thoughts come up, I embrace them.

     3. How does your experience/background prepare you to be an effective State Senator? I believe living and working in the district my entire life keeps me grounded and in tune with my neighbors. I have been in the business of farming for over 40 years.

     I do business in all of the counties I represent. This keeps me in touch with the people. I feel comfortable when folks come up and ask what is going on politically and then take the time to share.

     In Des Moines, I have earned a chairmanship, have a leadership position, and sit on committees which directly affect my constituents. Your voice is heard clearly at the Capitol.

     4. What are your priorities in balancing a state budget? Balancing the budget is what keeps you awake at night. However, priority one is to not spend more than you take in. If you keep this focus, you can get the pieces to fit together. Iowa continues to pay old debt incurred before I was elected. This hurts our budgeting process today and for years to come. I am not interested in adding more long-term burden on the families, friends, and neighbors I represent.

     5. What are the biggest priorities pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic in Iowa? How would you address those issues? COVID-19 has been a very fluid situation. We have learned more every week. With changing knowledge comes changing decisions. It is important to have respect for the virus but not fear. It is highly important to not lose our constitutional rights in the process. Keeping Iowa healthy is more than physical health. It includes educational health, mental health, economic health and more. If you need to be cautious, be cautious. We must work to keep Iowa moving with respect to all areas of being a healthy state.


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