Degrees, awards doled out at FFA Fall Festival

Luke Price took first place in the Monticello FFA Chapter’s Hay and Grain Show. (Photo submitted)

Taking second through fifth places in the Hay and Grain Show, from left: Adele Hogan, Karli Recker, Kaden Kiburz and Adam Schmitt.

The Monticello FFA Chapter held its annual Fall Festival Nov. 12 at the Youth Development Center. Earning their Chapter Degree, first row from left: outgoing president Adele Hogan, Davin Wickman, Gracie Henderson, Lydia Recker and Owen Ray. Second row: Zack Manternach, Ty Jesenovec, Owen Thomas, Gabe Goodyear, Rylan Cooper and Kadence Barnhart. Not pictured are Brendan Koppes, Karle Kramer, Kaylee Manternach, Joseph Schrader, Sawyer Stephen, Caden Thies and Natalia Williams. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Among the Greenhand Degree recipients, first row from left: Cord Nietert, Cole Nietert and Elijah Jolliff. Second row: Chesney Capron, Dillon McDonald, Trisha Curran and Grace Cooksley. Third row: Kade Hermsen, Gavin Fuhrmeister, Trey Brady, Steven Bader, Connor Adams and Cole Adams.

Also receiving their Greenhand Degrees, first row from left: Kylee Van Dorn, Larissa Saunders, Kole Weber and Rylee Sanders-Fleming. Second row: Nora Sperfslage, Reagan Schneiter, Breanne Stahlberg, Courtney Thies, Ian Taylor and Calvin Prull. Not pictured are Kelsey Adams, Jaelyn Aitchison, Broderick Clemmons, Dominik Dirks, Lauren Koehler, Issabella Mullen, Zachary O’Brien, Dakota Olson, Dori Paddock and Caleb Sauser.

     Hay and Grain Show winners were honored, Chapter and Greenhand Degrees were presented, and new officers were installed during the Monticello FFA Chapter Fall Fest Tuesday, Nov. 12 at the Citizens State Bank Youth Development Center in Monticello.

     The event included a meal catered by Sarah Kraus, Nancy Toenjes and the Monticello High School Family Consumer Science Classes, and Karen Hogan.

     As part of the program, members of the Monticello FFA Chapter who attended the FFA National Convention recently in Indianapolis, Ind. took turns sharing their experiences. Adele Hogan later spoke about her trip to the Washington Leadership Conference.

     The FFA officer team and advisor Eric Schmitt, also helped lead the ceremony. Near the end of the evening, the 2019-20 chapter officers were installed.

     Listed below are the Hay and Grain Show winners, whose entries were judged by Triangle Agri-Services; degree-earners, and the new officers.




     1, Luke Price; 2, Adele Hogan; 3, Karli Recker; 4, Kaden Kiburz; 5, Adam Schmitt.


     Cole Adams, Connor Adams, Kelsey Adams, Jaelyn Aitchison, Steven Bader, Trey Brady, Chesney Capron, Broderick Clemmons, Grace Cooksley, Trisha Curran, Dominik Dirks, Gavin Fuhrmeister, Kade Hermsen, Elijah Jolliff, Lauren Koehler, Dillon McDonald, Issabella Mullen, Cole Nietert, Cord Nietert, Zachary O’Brien, Dakota Olson, Dori Paddock, Calvin Prull, Rylee Sanders-Fleming, Larissa Saunders, Caleb Sauser, Reagan Schneiter, Nora Sperfslage, Breanne Stahlberg, Ian Taylor, Courtney Thies, Kole Weber, Kylee Van Dorn.


     Kadence Barnhart, Rylan Cooper, Gabe Goodyear, Gracie Henderson, Ty Jesenovec, Brendan Koppes, Karle Kramer, Kaylee Manternach, Zach Manternach, Owen Ray, Lydia Recker, Joseph Schrader, Sawyer Stephen, Caden Thies, Owen Thomas, Davin Wickman, Natalia Williams.

2019-20 OFFICERS

     President: Karli Recker.

     Vice Presidents: DeLainy Fellinger, Adele Hogan, Lydia Recker.

     Secretary: Kadence Barnhart.

     Treasurer: Owen Thomas.

     Sentinel: Davin Wickman.

     Reporter: Hannah Ahlrichs.

     Webmaster/Social Media: Brooklyn Stark.

     Newsletter: Emalee Manternach.



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