Derecho recovery help is available

     U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Executive Director Tammy Eibey announced on Oct. 23 that Jones County is accepting applications for the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) and the Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP) to address damage from the August 10, 2020 derecho.

     ECP assists producers with the recovery cost to restore the farmland to pre-disaster conditions. Approved ECP applicants may receive up to 75 percent of the cost of approved restoration activity. Limited resource, socially disadvantaged and beginning farmers and ranchers may receive up to 90 percent cost-share. The ECP signup began on Oct. 19 and will end on Dec. 18.

     The approved ECP practices under this authorization include (EC1) Removing debris from farmland, (EC2) Grading, Shaping, Releveling, or Similar Measures, (EC3) Restoring permanent fences, and (EC8) Field Windbreaks and Farmstead Shelterbelts.

     EFRP provides payments to eligible owners of nonindustrial private forest (NIPF) land to enable the owners to carry out emergency measures to restore land damaged by a natural disaster. EFRP signup began on Oct. 19 and will end on Dec. 18.

     Eligible forest restoration practices include debris removal, such as down or damaged trees, in order to establish a new stand or provide natural regeneration; site preparation, planting materials and labor to replant forest land; restoration of forestland roads, fire lanes, fuel breaks or erosion control structures; fencing, tree shelters and tree tubes to protect trees from wildlife damage; and wildlife enhancement to provide cover openings and wildlife habitat.

     “Dealing with natural disasters is never easy, the Jones County FSA is here to help,” said Eibey. “I encourage producers to call our office as soon as possible to make an appointment. A timely application is especially important with EFRP as the funds will be allocated based on the number of applications received as well as by on-site inspections that will determine the extent of the damage,” Eibey added.

     Producers with damage must apply for assistance prior to beginning any reconstructive work.

     For more information on ECP and EFRP, please contact the Jones County FSA office at 319-462-3517 or visit




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