Drake Relays: Gadient is second in 800; 4x800 is fourth

Corinne Gadient of Monticello splashes her way to a second place finish in the 800-meter run at the Drake Relays April 28 in Des Moines. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Jordyn Patterson of the Panthers keeps ahead of an opponent in the 4x800 relay at Drake.

Taylor McDonald (right) races a rival along the rail in the 4x800.

Paige Holub runs her leg of the 4x800 at the Drake Relays Saturday morning.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     A week that saw Monticello compete in four meets, including the prestigious Drake Relays, also saw a great deal of success for the the Panther girls track and field team.

     The Panthers won the Marion Invitational April 27, took second in the Anamosa Invitational April 25, and also ran in the Stormin’ Pointer Invitational April 24 in Center Point.

     Most prominent, of course were the Drake Relays, in which four Monticello entries competed Friday and Saturday, April 28-29 at Drake Stadium in Des Moines.

     Corinne Gadient got things started for the Panthers in a big way. Despite cold and a steady rain, Gadient finished second in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:14.74, beating her own school record.

     “My goal was to at least make it in the top five,” Gadient said after the race. “At the end of last year, at state, I was running that time. So I feel like I’m way ahead of where I was last year.”

     The Panthers ran in the 4x400 relay preliminaries with the team of Paige Holub, Taylor McDonald, Jordyn Patterson and Gadient on Friday night, finishing fifth in their heat and 13th overall.

     On Saturday morning, with temperatures in the low 40s but no rain, the same foursome finished fourth in the 800 in a season-best 9:33.82. After the race, all four girls said their legs tightened up as they faced a headwind on the backstretch.

     “I thought everyone gave a really good effort,” McDonald said.

     Monticello’s appearance ended with Gadient finishing 10th in the 1,500 on Saturday afternoon.

     Reade agreed: “Each of the four events ran their best times of the season. All of the girls had a great weekend, but the way Corinne competed through the horrible conditions for her two open events is one that lots of people will remember for a long time.”

     Reade gave credit to assistant coach Vallerie Lynn for helping to keep the runners calm when conditions were less than ideal.

     “There were lots of times when they could have just thrown in the towel due to declining weather conditions, or the field of competitors they knew they were up against, but they didn’t do that,” he said. “All of these girls have been training directly with coach Lynn for the past two seasons, so, naturally, they look to her first for guidance in this type of high-pressure situation.”

Three earlier meets

     At Center Point-Urbana April 24, the Panthers finished ninth, while holding out the Drake competitors.

     “The weather on this night was some of the roughest we have faced all season, especially with the wind,” Reade said. “But there were still some personal bests that happened.”

     Those included Lizzie Petersen in the 3,000, the 4x200 relay, and Jaelynn Kraus in the 100 hurdles.

     At Anamosa, under considerably better conditions, the Panthers had several season bests, including Gabby Gadient in the 400, Jacqueline Petersen and Patterson in the 800, Anna Loes in the 200, Holub in the 1,500, and the 4x100 relay.

     The weather turned sour again for the April 27 meet at Marion, but the Panthers responded with a team championship by one point over Marion.

     “If nothing else, this was a confidence-boosting meet for a lot of the girls,” Reade said. “For most of the girls, this was the third meet of the week. They braved the elements and managed to secure a 4x400 victory and come out with a team win overall.”

     The Panthers will compete in the River Valley Conference Meet Thursday, May 4 in Bellevue.


April 24

Stormin’ Pointer Inv.

(at Center Point)


     1, Solon 144; 2, Center Point-Urbana 100; 3, Maquoketa Valley 57; 4, North Linn 50; 5, Springville 48; 6, Alburnett 42; 7(tie), Clear Creek-Amana 41 and Jesup 41; 9, Monticello 36; 10, Central City 26.


     Sprint medley: 5, Monticello (Ciara Edwards, Leah Holub, Anna Loes, Natalie Newhard), 1:59.01.

     3,000: 4, Lizzie Petersen, 12:49.12.

     4x800: 5, Monticello (Sydney Ballou, Emily Schlarmann, Lauren Lambert, Keeley Anderson), 10:52.93.

     Shuttle hurdle: 2, Monticello (Macy McDonough, Kaylee Stephen, Shalay Bronemann, Maria Recker), 1:11.30.

     100: 5, Leah Holub, 13.88.

     Distance medley: 2, Monticello (Natalie Newhard, Maddie Lambert, Gabby Gadient, Gabrielle Steiner), 4:38.13.

     4x200: 2, Monticello (Kaylee Stephen, Ciara Edwards, Rileigh Lambert, Anna Loes), 1:53.68.

     400 hurdles: 5, Keeley Anderson, 1:18.13.


April 25

Anamosa Inv.


     1, North Cedar 115; 2, Monticello 113; 3, Mount Vernon 112; 4, Anamosa 96; 5, West Delaware 53; 6, North Linn 52; 7, Independence 50; 8, Midland 49; 9, Maquoketa Valley 33; 10, Easton Valley 26; 11, Starmont 23; 12, West Liberty 19.


     100: 8, Ciara Edwards, 13.96.

     200: 3, Anna Loes, 27.12.

     400: 3, Taylor McDonald, 1:03.89; 4, Gabby Gadient, 1:04.96.

     800: 1, Jordyn Patterson, 2:25.35; 7, Jacqueline Petersen, 2:43.89.

     100 hurdles: 6, Maria Recker, 17.75; 7, Macy McDonough, 17.79.

     1,500: 1, Paige Holub, 5:03.74; 2, Corinne Gadient, 5:03.91.

     3,000: 2, Gabrielle Steiner, 11:42.92; 4, Rachel Larabee, 12:11.49.

     400 hurdles: 5, Keeley Anderson, 1:14.17.

     High jump: 4, Emily Schlarmann, 4-10.

     4x100: 2, Monticello (Ciara Edwards, Maddie Lambert, Leah Holub, Anna Loes), 52.57.

     4x200: 7, Monticello (Natalie Newhard, Ciara Edwards, Maddie Lambert, Kaylee Stephen), 1:55.50.

     4x400: 4, Monticello (Jordyn Patterson, Taylor McDonald, Sydney Ballou, Gabby Gadient), 4:16.04.

     4x800: 1, Monticello (Taylor McDonald, Paige Holub, Jordyn Patterson, Corinne Gadient), 9:44.78.

     Shuttle hurdle: 2, Monticello (Macy McDonough, Kaylee Stephen, Shalay Bronemann, Maria Recker), 1:11.66.

     Distance medley: 7, Monticello (Rylee Warthen, Maddie Lambert, Sydney Ballou, Gabrielle Steiner), 4:34.77.


April 27

Marion Inv.


     1, Monticello 113; 2, Marion 112; 3(tie), DeWitt Central 80 and Center Point-Urbana 80; 5, North Linn 60; 6, West Delaware 37; 7, North Cedar 35; 8, Benton Community 29; 9, Springville 23; 10, Anamosa 18.


     100: 1, Anna Loes, 13.27; 2, Leah Holub, 14.07.

     400: 4, Gabby Gadient, 1:09.13; 6, Andrea Manternach, 1:11.50.

     800: 3, Jacqueline Petersen, 2:41.78; 4, Rachel Larabee, 2:43.41.

     100 hurdles: 3, Kaylee Stephen, 17.77.

     3,000: 5, Emily Schlarmann, 12:21.48; 6, Lizzie Petersen, 12:52.23.

     400 hurdles: 2, Keeley Anderson, 1:12.60.

     High jump: 3, Gabrielle Steiner, 4-8; 4(tie), Emily Schlarmann, 4-6.

     4x100: 3, Monticello (Ciara Edwards, Savanah Kremer, Maria Recker, Macy McDonough), 54.87.

     4x200: 2, Monticello (Ciara Edwards, Maddie Lambert, Natalie Newhard, Anna Loes), 1:55.54.

     4x400: 1, Monticello (Gabrielle Steiner, Sydney Ballou, Emily Schlarmann, Gabby Gadient), 4:22.31.

     4x800: 1, Monticello (Gabrielle Steiner, Gabby Gadient, Sydney Ballou, Keeley Anderson), 10:30.99.

     Shuttle hurdle: 1, Monticello (Macy McDonough, Kaylee Stephen, Jaelynn Kraus, Maria Recker), 1:11.56.

     Sprint medley: 3, Monticello (Ciara Edwards, Maddie Lambert, Kaylee Stephen, Anna Loes), 1:59.85.


     4x100: 1, Monticello (Leah Holub, Rylee Warthen, Aspen Gillmore, Emma Brighton), 55.98.

     Distance medley: 1, Monticello (Emma Brighton, Emily Kurt, Lauren Lambert, Jacqueline Petersen), 4:55.81.


April 27-29

Drake Relays

(at Drake University,

Des Moines)


     800: 2, Corinne Gadient, 2:14.74.

     4x400: 13 (5th in Heat 3), Monticello (Paige Holub, Taylor McDonald, Jordyn Patterson, Corinne Gadient), 4:05.02.

     4x800: 4, Monticello (Paige Holub, Taylor McDonald, Jordyn Patterson, Corinne Gadient), 9:33.82.

     1,500: 10, Corinne Gadient), 4:50.65.



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