Engineer outlines county road program

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     County Engineer Derek Snead and Assistant Engineer Todd Postel presented the Secondary Road Five-Year Construction Program during the public hearing that was held Dec. 19.

     The evening meeting was scheduled to allow residents to attend.

     Each year highlighted, Snead explained, is recognized as the accomplishment year for the proposed projects. He said the projects are defined based on funding available, and the cost associated with the projects. Anything over $90,000 has to let either locally or through the DOT.

     “Our large-scale projects are let to a contractor,” Snead said versus in-house Secondary Road crews taking on the project.

     Other scenarios taken into consideration include traffic count and age of the structure.

     In 2013, Jones County had 52 posted structures. Now, due to improvements, that number is down to just 18.

     “We’ve been focusing on our bridges,” Snead said of previous construction years. Now that the bridges are in better shape, Secondary Road’s focus is switching to taking care of the paved roads throughout the county.

     “Over two-thirds of our pavement is older than 30 years,” Snead said.

FY 2019

     • Bridge replacement on Bluebird Road, $630,000

     Snead said contractors have already been clearing the site to start the Bluebird project in the spring.

     “It’ll be wrapped up next summer,” he said.

     • PCC pavement replacement on Shaw Road, $270,000

     There are a number of projects Secondary Roads is tackling along Shaw Road outside of Anamosa, some in conjunction with a trail project as well.

     “There are a lot of different funding mechanisms in place here,” Snead said.

     • Bridge replacement on 140th Avenue, $450,000

     Snead said this project would be let next spring, with construction to start late summer/early fall.

     • PCC overlay on County Road E-45, $3.5 million

     Half of the funding ($500,00) for the E-45 project stems from safety funds the county was awarded.

     • Grading on Lead Mine Road, $350,000

     Postel said he is in the process of applying for and acquiring permits with the DNR on this project.

     Lead Mine Road resident Mike Courtney questioned whether he would still have access during flood events.

     “It will still be a floodplain,” said Postel. “But you’ll be able to get out. We have no control over Mother Nature.”

     Postel said he would hold a pre-construction meeting with affected property owners to review the plans.

     Snead said they feel pretty confident they could accomplish this list of projects for FY 2019.

FY 2020

     • Twin culvert replacement on Buffalo Road, $500,000

     • Twin culvert replacement on Shaw Road, $500,000

     • Triple culvert replacement on Fremont Road, $100,000

     • Triple culvert replacement on 145th Street, $100,000

FY 2021

     • Paving on County Road E-34, $1.25 million

     • Twin culvert replacement on Madison Road, $150,000

FY 2022

     • PCC overlay on County Road X-64, $4.5 million

     Bob and Rosalie Ahrendsen of Oxford Junction thanked Secondary Roads for putting some focus on X-64, saying it was in need of some attention.

     Snead said the plan is to not only add an overlay, but to re-align the roadway, lessen the sharp corners, and fix the steep grades.

     • Twin culvert replacement on Shaw Road, $1 million

FY 2023

     • Paving on County Road E-28, $1 million

     Snead warned those present at the hearing that throughout the year, emergency projects pop up that he has no control over.

     “Things happen where we have to close structures and our priorities change,” he said.


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