Feldmann resigns from city council

Staff report

     Monticello City Council member Gary Feldmann, Ward 1, submitted his resignation on Thursday, Sept. 3, effective immediately.

     “I feel I can no longer be a good elected representative,” Feldmann stated.

     He shared that reasons for resigning are two-fold.

     “First and foremost, after only eight short months, I’m exhausted of fielding complaints from citizens,” he said. “I now see why it is getting harder and harder to find people interested in running for city council.”

     Feldmann explained that council members never get a pat on the back, but rather the only time citizens want to talk to their council members is to complain.

     “On top of that, very few people in this town want to attend regular council meetings and voice their opinion about how they think you should vote on any given issue,” Feldmann continued. “But they all want to complaint when they think you get it wrong.”

     The second reason for Feldmann’s resignation is due to his family obligations. He said his family has a goal of moving outside the city limits in the near future, “where regulations are fewer and neighbors are farther apart.”

     Feldmann said resigning now gives someone time to get acclimated on the council to fill his seat.

     Feldmann also acknowledged the differences of opinion of the members of the Monticello City Council, but said everyone has remained professional during his time of service.

     “I think it is a diverse group of people that well represents the interests of the town as a whole,” he praised.

     In closing, Feldmann apologized to those residing in Ward 1, who voted him into office eight months ago, hoping he hasn’t let them down.

     “I am thankful for the experience and I think I accomplished some good things in my time on the council,” he said.

     The next Monticello City Council meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 6 p.m. (It was moved due to the Labor Day holiday.)


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