Finkenauer campaigns

Iowa House member Abby Finkenauer (D) stopped in Jones County on Jan. 12 at McOtto's to visit with voters as she campaigns for Congressional District 1, currently held by Rod Blum (R). Finkenauer, from Dubuque, has served in Des Moines since 2014. She chose to run for Congress after Iowa passed the new collective bargaining law last year, which affected many of Finkenauer’s close friends and family. “I realized that both state government and U.S. government were not working for folks anymore,” she said. While in Des Moines, Finkenauer has been passionate about protecting working-class Iowans and small businesses. Her father was a union welder, and she said, “At the end of the day, when I look at any bill, working families and their perspective will always be at the forefront.” Finkenauer said she got into politics and government to work across the aisle, and she hasn’t seen much of that in Des Moines or in D.C. She wants to see legislators represent their constituents and create good policies versus serving the lobbyists. “We need to make sure that big corps and big lobbying groups have less power,” said Finkenauer. (Photo by Kim Brooks)

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