First Panther season ends at state qualifying meet

Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     The first Monticello High School bowling season ended with a highly-decorated senior, improved performances, and the satisfaction of enjoying the experience.

     The Panthers were unable to advance as a team or with any individuals, but senior Kegan Arduser ended the season with a fifth-place overall finish at the Class 1A State Qualifying Meet Feb. 13 at Timber Lanes in Maquoketa.

     For Arduser’s efforts this season, he was named second team all-state and made the all-district team.

     “It’s the same story we’ve had all year: Kegan Arduser is our star, which we knew going in he was going to be,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said.

     Overall, the Panthers boys finished fifth with a team score of 2838 at the meet, which was higher than their season average of 2668.6; and the girls were sixth with 2005, nudging their season average of 2000.1.

     “We always wish for more success on the lanes, but I think we were successful because of our team attitude and our willingness to give it what we had, even when we were outmatched,” Meyer said.

     Whereas the Baker round was the Panther boys’ downfall in the previous week’s conference meet, that wasn’t so much the case this time. Monticello was fifth after the individual round, but its Baker total was fourth-best.

     Arduser’s had a two-game total of 421 to finish fifth individually. Three others had 200 games: Hayo Eiben posted a 215 as part of a 403 series, David Titman shot a 205, and Caleb Gillmore had a 202. Levi Temple added a 199 as part of a 379 series, Titman totaled 378, and Robert Pejchl had a 351 total.

     “I’m proud of the way they ended up,” Meyer said. “Hopefully (next year) we can learn off each other a little better than we did this year.”

     The Monticello girls finished sixth overall, but had higher team scores in both the individual and Baker rounds than they had in the conference meet.

     Cassie Gillmore led the Panther girls with a 321 individual series (good for 12th place overall), including a 184 game. Keeley Anderson had a 147 and a 150 for a 297 total. Natalie Newhard totaled 270, Yutana Hughes had a 235 series, Jordyn Patterson was at 229, and Rachel Larabee had 208.

     “They gave it their all,” Meyer said of the girls. “They all had fun, and that’s what it’s supposed to be. You don’t always win, but you keep trying.”

     The Panthers will graduate Arduser, Pejchl and Eiben from the boys’ team, and Cassie Gillmore, Newhard, Patterson, Larabee and Hughes from the girls’ team.

     “On the girls’ side, if it weren’t for Cassie Gillmore and Natalie Newhard, I think we would have had a really hard time creating a team. Those two were junior bowlers, and they recruited the other senior girls who bowled,” Meyer said.

     “On the boys’ side, (the seniors) provided that stabilizing force, the leadership that you also hope the seniors have. We would have been able to field a team without them, but it would have been a much weaker team.”

     Both Panther teams finished with dual meet records of 4-5.


Feb. 13

Class 1A State

Qualifying Meet

(at Timber Lanes,



(Champion qualifies for State)

     1, Durant 3094; 2, Maquoketa 3047; 3, DeWitt Central 2995; 4, Bellevue 2840; 5, Monticello 2838; 6, Marion 2588.

Individual round total

(two games)

     Bellevue 2036, Maquoketa 2022, Durant 2020, DeWitt Central 1975, Monticello 1966, Marion 1755.

Monticello results

     Kegan Arduser 198-223 – 421 (fifth place), Hayo Eiben 215-188–403, Caleb Gillmore 183-202–385, Levi Temple 180-199–379; David Titman 173-205–378; Robert Pejchl 175-176–351.

Baker round total

(five games)

     Durant 1074, Maquoketa 1025, DeWitt Central 1020, Monticello 872, Marion 833, Bellevue 804.



(Champion qualifies for State)

     1, Maquoketa 2566; 2, DeWitt Central 2473, 3, Marion 2422; 4, Durant 2163; 5, Bellevue 2072; 6, Monticello 2005.

Individual round total

(two games)

     Maquoketa 1731, DeWitt Central 1677, Marion 1665, Durant 1425, Bellevue 1393, Monticello 1352.

Monticello results

     Cassie Gillmore 137-184–321, Keeley Anderson 147-150–297, Natalie Newhard 138-132–270, Yutana Hughes 113-122–235, Jordyn Patterson 115-114–229, Rachel Larabee 101-107–208.

Baker round total

(five games)

     Maquoketa 835, DeWitt Central 796, Marion 757, Durant 738, Bellevue 679, Monticello 653.


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