Friends of Monticello dam question federal grant

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     In response to the article about the Mon-Maq Dam and the conservation board’s decision to not utilize the Federal Highway grant because that would allow Federal Highway to have some oversight on the project, that in itself should tell everyone that the conservation board is over-running their headlights in trying to bully their way forward on the dam removal in spite of the overwhelming support for the dam to stay as it is. I truly wish someone could tell me who or what has something to gain by this dam being removed because the conservation board, as well as the county supervisors, seems to be connected at the hip in trying to push through on such a stupid undertaking. Maybe at the next election it will be time to revisit the BS that’d being forced on us and start looking at the ballot box with a little more concern about these servants of the citizens of this county. Apparently what we are asking for has not been made clear enough for them to understand yet. Maybe it would be a good time to ask “Can you hear us now?”

     One other thing before I go, if you would be interested in getting e-mails to update you on the progress of our fight to save this important part of Monticello’s history, check out our new website at

Thank you,

Larry McDonald

Monticello, Iowa


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