Fruitcakes available from Camp Courageous

For the 31st year in a row, Camp Courageous is pleased to offer their famous fruitcakes. If you’ve tried one, you know how good they are! 

Stuffed with candied cherries, diced pineapple, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, golden raisins and sweetened coconut, these fruitcakes have just enough batter to hold everything together. They are one pound each, contain no alcohol or citron and are available now through 

product/camp-courageous-fruitcakes/ or at a variety of locations across Eastern Iowa while supplies last. In Monticello, Camp Courageous fruitcakes can be purchased at Whiffle Tree Antique Mall. Proceeds from all fruitcake sales help make camp possible for over 9,000 campers each year. Questions can be directed at 319-465-5916 ext. 2180 or by e-mail at fruitcakes@ 


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