Garden Club News

     The Monticello Garden Club met April 26, 2018 at the Presbyterian Church. Al and Julie Carlson gave a reading based on a book “All We Like Sheep” by Larry Guthrie. Based on the 23rd Psalm.

     Sharon Hasler planted two hydrangeas at fountain garden. Marty Sharff will buy four more hydrangeas to plant at fountain garden plus other plants.

     The program was given by Master Gardeners Dennis and Julie Orris. They gave a program on soil management. They have a high tunnel building for tomatoes and hydroponic strawberries.

     A delicious lunch was served by Julie and Al Carlson and Kathryn Peters.

     The next meeting will be May 24 at the Presbyterian Church. The program will be old gardens in Monticello.

     Kathy Lamont, Secretary



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