Girls outrun heat, foes at Anamosa

Running in a pack at the Anamosa Invitational are Panthers (from left) Emily Schlarmann, Jordyn Patterson, Gabrielle Steiner and Lauren Lambert. The Panther girls’ team won the race. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Paige Holub was the individual girls’ winner at Anamosa.

Monticello runners (from left) David Titman, Daltyn Kramer and Jaison Monk compete in the Anamosa Invitational Sept. 23 at Anamosa Middle School.

Jasper Nietert leads the Panther boys at the Anamosa Invitational.

Austin Timm of Monticello leads the field in the JV boys’ race at the Anamosa Invitational.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     A big part of what has made Monticello’s cross country programs so successful over the years has been the ability of the junior varsity teams to “push” the varsity runners.

     That has been the case again this season, and it was very evident in the Anamosa Invitational.

     Both Monticello girls’ teams won their races, the varsity by 21 points over Anamosa, and the JV by 33 over runner-up Solon. The event was held in oppressively hot conditions Saturday, Sept. 23 at Anamosa Middle School.

     “I’m real happy with the way they ran,” Monticello coach Dan Sauser said. “We had good efforts across the board. The JV is continuing to push our varsity, and it’s going to make our varsity girls work harder.”

     On the boys’ side, the Panthers were sixth in the varsity race and second in the JV event.

     “I like the potential, and they’re giving great effort,” Sauser said. “We’re very deep in terms of quality, but we’re young. We need to get everyone more race experience.”

     Leading the girls – in fact winning the race overall – was Paige Holub. The Panthers had a total of six runners in the top 20. After Holub there was Taylor McDonald, 10th; Jordyn Patterson, 15th; Gabrielle Steiner, 18th; Lauren Lambert, 19th; and Emily Schlarmann, 20th.

     Sauser said the time spread from the first to the fifth runner on the team was about 2:50, when the Panthers’ goal is to get that under two minutes.

     “We need the seniors to help the sophomores take that next step,” he said.

     Keeley Anderson led the JV team, finishing second overall. Natalie Newhard was third.

     The boys were led by Jasper Nietert, who was 22nd. Cole Cruise followed in 28th place.

     In the JV race, Austin Timm was the race winner, setting a personal record of 19:16 despite the relentless heat.

     “He would have been our third runner at the varsity level,” Sauser said. “His race was just incredible.”

     Zach Chapman finished seventh, and Ben Barnhart was 11th.

     “I was impressed with the efforts up and down the lineup,” the coach said.

Western Dubuque

time changes

     Starting time changes have been announced for the junior varsity races at the Western Dubuque Invitational, to be held Thursday, Sept. 28.

     The complete race schedule: grade 7-8 boys and girls at 4:15 p.m., varsity girls at 4:45 p.m., varsity boys at 5:15 p.m., JV boys at 5:40 p.m. (previously 6:20), and JV girls at 6:10 p.m. (previously 5:40).


Sept. 23

Anamosa Inv.

(at Anamosa Middle School)


     1, Monticello 63; 2, Anamosa 84; 3, Solon 87; 4, Cascade 108; 5, DeWitt Central 122; 6, Fort Madison 126; 7, Springville/Central City 159; 8, Tipton 211; 9, Marian Catholic (Ill.), 230; 10, Cedar Rapids Jefferson 238.


     1, Paige Holub, 19:18; 10, Taylor McDonald, 21:13; 15, Jordyn Patterson, 21:42; 18, Gabrielle Steiner, 22:04; 19, Lauren Lambert, 22:08; 20, Emily Schlarmann, 22:14; 44, Rachel Larabee, 24:12.


     1, Cedar Rapids Jefferson 55; 2, Anamosa 60; 3, Tipton 65; 4, Fort Madison 94; 5, DeWitt Central 100; 6, Monticello 184; 7, Marian Catholic (Ill.), 8, Solon 207; 9, Springville/Central City 223; 10, Cascade 268; 11, Louisa-Muscatine 314.


     22, Jasper Nietert, 19:03’ 28, Cole Cruise, 19:15; 39, Ryan Oswald, 19.47; 45, Daltyn Kramer, 19:59; 50, Jaison Monk 20:17; 63, David Titman, 21:28.


     1, Monticello 26; 2, Solon 59; 3, DeWitt Central 93; 4, Anamosa 104; 5, Marian Catholic (Ill.) 131; 6, Cedar Rapids Jefferson 141.


     2, Keeley Anderson, 23:15; 3, Natalie Newhard, 24:19; 7, Lizzie Petersen, 24:50; 8, Dru Kramer, 25:56; 9, Gabby Guilford, 26:03; 10, Anna Loes, 26:03; 12, Makenna Patterson, 26:36.


     1, Cedar Rapids Jefferson 35; 2, Monticello 55; 3, DeWitt Central 79; 4, Tipton 87; 5, Solon 122; 6, Anamosa 145; 7, Marian Catholic (Ill.) 194.


     1, Austin Timm, 19:16; 7, Zach Chapman, 20:18; 11, Ben Barnhart, 20:39; 17, Dalton Hampson, 21:22; 19, Alex Nealson, 21:26; 21, Carter Cruise, 21:33; Alan Janssen, 21:44.



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