Greenfield campaign is full of falsehoods

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Why does Theresa Greenfeild run a campaign for Senate based on falsehoods?

     Democrat Mike Franken, her Primary opponent, revealed that, despite her denials, Greenfield receives corporate money and dark money. Franken noted Greenfield was backed by $7 million from the Senate Majority PAC funded by “lobbyists and corporate PACs and Bain Capital and businesses, and… dark money.”

     Incredibly, Greenfield twisted a statement by Joni Ernst that she has merely discussed privatizing social security into an assertion that Senator Ernst planned to “gut social security.” Merely discussing using the stock market to increase recipient returns and save Social Security is not a “plan” to “gut” it. Senators often consider proposals without adopting them.

     Greenfield also runs an ad claiming that Senator Ernst’s concern about making sure coronavirus death counts are accurate is an “attack” on healthcare workers. What nonsense. A healthcare worker, Dr. Scott Jensen, Minnesota’s 2016 “Family Physician of the Year,” originally raised this concern due to deficient CDC guidelines on recording coronavirus deaths and other problems.

     Greenfield attacks our healthcare heroes by claiming that the care they provide exemplifies “racism and discrimination” against Blacks. Greenfield said, “In our healthcare systems…across Iowa, we know that black communities, black women, their mortality rate is six times higher than anyone else, any other community across the state.” This is false. The mortality rate for Blacks in Iowa and the mortality rate for Black females in Iowa are, respectively, less than one-half the mortality rates for whites in Iowa and white females in Iowa. Charges of discrimination should not be based on falsehoods. Greenfield owes our healthcare workers an apology.


Donald W. Bohlken

Indianola, Iowa


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