From the ground up

Guest Column
Dan Zumbach
Iowa State Senator, 48th Dist.

     It is my privilege to once again serve the people of District 48 as your State Senator. I appreciate your confidence in me to share your voice, concerns and thoughts at the Statehouse.

     The 87th General Session is a new era in our state’s government with Republican leadership in the Senate, the House and the Governor’s Office. This is the first time in 20 years in which the Republican Party has control of all three branches of Iowa government.

     The Iowa Senate Republican Caucus is made up of 29 senators from across the state who are united in spending the taxpayer’s money wisely and fighting to keep your money in your own pockets.

     We are dedicated to provide Iowans a world-class education, which prepares them to compete in a global economy. We strive to create an environment where businesses can thrive and compete locally, nationally and internationally.

     I am personally dedicated to representing you to the best of my ability. I will be diligent in my thoughts and will work to be just in my decision-making.


     As we look toward the future of our work here I must admit I’m having a difficult time wrapping my arms around the very poor budget situation we have inherited. You may recall that I have voted against the budget the last four years as put forward by the Senate Democrats. This year we need to make up $100 million in budget shortfalls, which is an extremely heavy lift. Please know and trust the Republican leadership has your best interest and tax dollars at the forefront of this action. I promise to be fiscally responsible with your money. 


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