Haughenbury retires as Monticello Equipment store manager

Chloe Gray
Express Intern

After 19 years of working for Monticello Equipment, 13 years as store manager, Jim Haughenbury, 66, decided to retire. 


Haughenbury’s last day was Friday, June 21. 


“It’s time,” Haughenbury said. 


On the job, he held several duties. He acted as a sales manager and worked with the customer to find the right product. 


“Salesmen and I talk over all of our deals and go over them together,” he said. 


His focus was on selling and servicing all brands of farm equipment, but with a primary focus on John Deere. 


Haughenbury admitted to a challenge that has been more difficult to deal with throughout his time in the industry. 


“Our customer base keeps getting smaller and smaller because the farms are getting larger.” 


With the customer numbers declining, the opportunity to make sales has become more difficult. 


Haughenbury’s nearly lifelong experience in the sales, machinery, and farming business has helped him overcome these types of issues. 


From helping out his father on the farm in Coggon, at a young age, he knew he was interested in farm machinery. 


“I’ve always enjoyed the machinery business,” Haughenbury said. 


His career started in the mid ‘80s at a John Deere dealership in Coggon. 


“After that closed, I had a brief stint in Monticello selling for Dean (Smothers) and then went back to farming. I then worked for a used equipment dealer for ten years before I came back here (his current location) in 1998,” Haughenbury said. 


In 2006, it was bought by Bodensteiner, where Haughenbury spent the last years of his career. 


Today, Monticello Equipment is one of ten retail locations in Eastern Iowa that is run under Bodensteiner. 


Though his time has ended, he believes the company has a bright future. 


He said, “I just hope that they are able to continue and I know they will. It’s a solid company. They’ll be able to continue what we’ve already been doing and keep growing the business.” 


After Haughenbury retires, he plans to stay busy by traveling, continuing to care for his cows on his small farm in Coggon, and spending more time with family. 


While his daughter lives in England, his two sons also live in Coggon and work for Bodensteiner. 


He has eight grandchildren that range from the ages of 6 to 16 that are involved and very active. 


“We’ll go to a lot of ball games,” Haughenbury said. 


Even though he was ready for retirement, he is happy with his past experience. 


“The last 13 years Bodensteiner has been very good to me and my family,” he said. 


Haughenbury emphasized how much he enjoyed his job, specifically because of the number of strong relationships he built over the years with his co-workers and customers. 


“This job requires a lot of trust and honesty and I believe that I am most proud of the relationships I’ve made over the years.”


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