Herbers witnesses students’ spiritual, academic growth

Laura Herbers
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     October is National Principals Month. The Monticello Community School District and Sacred Heart Catholic School are fortunate to have four principals proudly serving the families and students of this community. For the next several weeks, the Express will spotlight each principal, thanking them for their dedication.

     This school year marks Laura Herbers’ third year as principal at Sacred Heart, serving grades PreK-6.

     “Prior to these three years, I served on the administrative team for two years at Hennessy Catholic School (in Dyersville),” said Herbers.

     She’s spent a total of 14 years in education overall.

     As a principal, Herbers enjoys interacting with the students on a daily basis, “watching them grow throughout the year both spiritually and academically.”

     She said the teamwork shared among the entire staff at Sacred Heart is refreshing.

     “Everyone pitches in and does what they can to support one another.”

     The support the school receives from the parents and community, Herbers added, is also another great aspect of being part of the Sacred Heart School family.

     “It is truly a family,” she praised. “We begin and end our day together in prayer and share Mass time together as well. Just as a family comes together for special moments, we share these moments to celebrate successes and experience hard times together.

     “All in all, everyone truly cares about and wants the best for one another.”

     Outside of school, Herbers stays busy with her kids’ activities. She and her husband have two kids, ages 6 and 9.

     She also enjoys cheering on the Chicago Cubs and Iowa Hawkeyes.

     When asked to share something unique about herself, Herbers offered this: “I played the drum set for my high school pep and jazz band.”

     Herbers offers a huge “thank you” to the parents, board of education, and the community “for your dedication, contributions, and support of our school.

     “We are blessed to have your support and appreciate all you have given to Sacred Heart School!”


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