Heritage, Century Farm award-winners are honored

Heritage Farm and Century Farm awards were presented during the recent Iowa State Fair. Area Heritage Farm award-winners include the Like family. On hand for the photo, first row from left: Sara Like, Berniece Like and Morgan Like. Second row: Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Jim Like, Matt Like and Iowa Farm Bureau vice president Craig Heinrich. (Photos submitted)

The Kehoe Heritage Farm award winners include: Children in the photo, from left, Aubrey Kehoe, Kinnick Kehoe, Callie Kehoe and Michael Nelson. Adults, from left: Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Sean Kehoe, Becky Kehoe, Meghann Heinrich, Robert Kehoe, Ronald Kehoe, Becky Kehoe, Lisa Nelson, Robert Hach (back), Matthew Nelson, Conner Hach, Lori Kehoe, Brian Kehoe, and Craig Heinrich.

The Beitz Century Farm award photo, from left: Bill Northey, Carol Beitz, John Beitz, Taylor Lubben (granddaughter), and Farm Bureau President Craig Hill.

The Besler Century Farm award photo, from left: Bill Northey, Alan Besler, Kathy Decker, Alice and Robert Besler, Bob Besler and Craig Hill.

The Bisinger Century Farm award photo, from left: Bill Northey, Nathan Becker, Janna Becker, Max Becker, Jackie Bisinger, Joe Bisinger and Craig Heinrich.

The Leo and Rose Delay Century Farm award photo, from left: Bill Northey, Leo Delay, Jennifer Delay James, Rose Delay and Craig Heinrich.

The William Delay Century Farm award photo, from left: Bill Northey, William Delay and Craig Heinrich.

The Heidemann Century Farm award photo, first row: Hayley Leppret. Second row from left: Ann Knight and Connie Heidemann. Third row: Bill Northey, Chris Heidemann, Kelsey Rickard (holding Bentley Rickard), Dave Heidemann and Craig Heinrich.

The Sorgenfrey Century Farm award photo, from left: Bill Northey, Jerry Sorgenfrey, Callie Buck, Kim Sorgenfrey and Craig Heinrich.

     Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey recognized Century and Heritage Farm families during a ceremony at the State Fair again this year. To qualify, a family must have owned at least 40 acres for 100 years or more in the case of Century Farms and 150 years or more for a Heritage Farm.

     This year, 354 Century Farms and 119 Heritage Farms were recognized.

     Area farms that were recognized include:

Heritage Farms

     Bernice L. Like, Monticello; Robert Kehoe, Hopkinton.

Century Farms

     Leo J. and Rose Delay, Monticello; William M. Delay, Monticello; Joseph and Jaclyn Bisinger, Monmouth; David Heidemann, Center Junction; Jerry and Kim Sorgenfrey, Wyoming; John Max and Carol Ann Beitz, Hopkinton; Robert A. and Alice A. Besler, Hopkinton; and Willard Larry Houstman, Mechanicsville (no photo available).

     “The Century and Heritage Farm awards ceremony is one of my favorite days of the year,” Northey said. “It is a tremendous celebration of the families who have cared for the land and raised the crops and livestock that helped build our state and feed the world. To own a farm for 100 or 150 years is a testament to the values of land stewardship, hard work, patience, dedication and perseverance that are found in Iowa’s farm families.”

     The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship has partnered with the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation since 1976 to recognize families that have owned and worked a farm for 100 years or more.  Including this year’s recipients, more than 19,000 farms from across the state have been recognized.

     The Heritage Farm program was started in 2006, on the 30th anniversary of the Century Farm program and more than 1,000 farms have been recognized.

     The 2017 Century and Heritage Farms Program ceremony was held at the Iowa State Fair in the Pioneer Livestock Pavilion on Thursday, Aug. 17. Craig Hill, president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, or Joe Heinrich, vice president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation joined Northey to recognize all award recipients.

     “The program acknowledges the deep roots of Iowa agriculture and the special bond that exists between Iowa families and the land they farm,” Northey said. “The Iowa State Fair is a celebration of Iowa and Iowa agriculture, so it’s a great place to recognize the Century Farm and Heritage Farm recipients.”




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