How does your school plan to use the Rescue Act funding?

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     The Congress, with no significant support from Republicans, passed the American Rescue Act after President Biden was inaugurated. This Act has significant implications to support struggling students in our local school districts.

     The American Rescue Act, as of June 1, will provide local school districts access to the following financial allocations. The allocations are: Anamosa $995,000, Midland $534,000, Olin $151,000, and Monticello $581,000 (Iowa Department of Education website 4.12.21).

     The Act appears to focus on several goals which include: 1. Reducing academic and social emotional achievement gaps which may result from COVID 19; and 2. Provide for future support to enhance the health and access to learning in future health related challenges which impact schools (Iowa Dept. of Education website 4.12.21).

     The Act specifically expects schools to close the achievement gap (reading and math) with low-income students, students with disabilities, and students with mental health challenges. Schools in our area have the following free/reduced lunch percentages: Anamosa 38 percent, Midland 49 percent, Monticello 33 percent and Olin 63 percent (Public School Schools are to develop a plan to support targeted student groups in the summer, after school, or in enrichment programming. The interventions are to be evidence based and monitored to determine the impact of the instruction intended to reduce academic and social emotional achievement gaps.

     Every school district is expected to develop a plan to meet the criteria of the American Rescue Act and report the results of implementing the Plan. The American Rescue Act sponsored and supported by Democrats to provide our students and local school communities an opportunity to provide needed support for academic and social/emotional needs of our children. The School District Plan is to include input from student and community representatives. I/we hope you reach out to your school board and local school leaders to explore how your school plans to use and gain from the American Rescue Act revenue to support students now and in the future.


Keith Stamp

Monticello, Iowa


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