I feel old…

Kim Brooks
Babbling Brooks Column
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     For everything that goes wrong or for everything that doesn’t go our way this year, we’re either inclined to blame COVID or just 2020 in general.

     Get ready for some more bad news, depending on if you like cold weather or not…

     The Farmers Almanac is predicting a cold winter for 2020-21, with colder than normal temperatures.

     And while we saw little-to-no snow during the previous winter (2019-20), the Almanac says things are about to change. “The Great Lakes region will get its fair share of snow,” the Almanac said.

     So, we have that to look forward too…

     Something to look forward to: getting old. (Though that might not bother some people…)

     This weekend my “little” sister turned 30! Being some years older than her, that makes me feel old.

     With her 20s in the past, my sister and brother-in-law threw a roaring 1920s-themed birthday bash over the weekend. We were pleasantly surprised by all of the guests who actually showed up in costume, myself included. (And I am not one to wear a costume, even for Halloween.)

     It was a blast listening to 1920s music, dancing, and just celebrating my sister!

     You know it’s funny, I tend to assume younger siblings come to their older siblings for advice in all things in life. But lately it’s been the opposite of us. I go to my younger sister for sage advice on a variety of topics.

     There were lots of friends and family at the birthday party, and my cousin asked me how long I’ve been working and living in Monticello. I remarked that it’s been 11 years now. That also makes me feel old. Where did the time go?

     And when I’m back in my hometown of Earlville, seeing family, friends, and attending events, it’s crazy just how many of the kids I knew years ago are so grown up. Several of the kids my sister and I used to babysit are in college, getting married, or embarking on their young adult life. That makes me feel old.


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