IBIC directory connects consumers to local beef


     Earlier this month the Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) announced the launch of a local beef directory to connect farmers that sell beef with consumers who want to buy it. Those looking to purchase beef have a great deal of freedom to select from a variety of beef choices. The Iowa Local Beef Directory provides educational resources to shoppers through the buying process and connects them with Iowa beef farmers who sell beef directly.

     “Today’s global challenges have shown us that consumers want to support their local economies,” says Janine Moore, IBIC Chairman. “We’ve seen a growing desire by consumers to learn more about how beef is produced and where they can find direct marketing opportunities. Since IBIC supports all types of beef production and beef purchasing options, this beef directory is a resource that will help make that connection.”

     The recently launched directory features an interactive map and contact information of a growing list of farms and farm retail stores. Shoppers can use the various comments and certifications found on each listing to determine what best fits their particular product preferences.

     The local beef directory provides resources to help the buyer understand what to expect when purchasing their desired amount of beef – including carcass breakdowns, cut guides, insight into reading beef product labels, storage and shelf-life recommendations, food safety and cooking tips, family-friendly beef recipes and frequently asked Beef Quality Assurance questions.

     Iowa’s beef farmers proudly raise some of the world’s highest quality beef in a responsible and sustainable manner yielding mouth-watering beef destined for consumers across the globe. We want to make sure Iowa beef lovers are able to capitalize on that experience and we believe this initiative will help make that connection.

     Those who are interested in submitting their information for listing can do so by visiting the Iowa Local Beef Directory page, under the Raising Beef tab, on our website, www.iabeef.org.

     For more information contact IBIC’s Director of Industry Relations, Casey Allison at casey@iabeef.org



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