Ignite hosts speaker

Ignite: Jones County Young Professionals brought former Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot Elizabeth McCormick to Jones County last week. On March 28, McCormick spoke to students at Monticello High School, grades seventh through 12th. She addressed stereotypes, perseverance, and being a strong individual, not letting other get you down. McCormick said she experienced negativity when she tried entering the Army, wanting to fly helicopters overseas. As a woman, she said she had to fight harder for what she wanted and to prove herself. McCormick also spoke at a public event that evening at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa. (Photos by Kim Brooks)


McCormick demonstrates the effects of positive and negative thoughts and how lying can affect the body, with MHS Principal Joan Young. By asking Young her name and telling her to think positive thoughts, McCormick pushed on Young’s arm. If Young were lying, her arm would remain limp. If she were telling the truth, her arm remained in place.

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