Iowa history comes to Edinburgh

     “Iowa History 101,” the State Historical Society’s multimedia traveling museum will make an appearance on Sunday, Aug. 26 at the Edinburgh Folk Fest in Jones County.

     The exhibit shares the stories of Iowa’s past and showcases some of the artifacts from the museum’s collection.

     The theme for Iowa History 101 is “History on the Move.” Iowa History 101 explores the history of Iowans at home, work and play – and how that shapes who we are today.

     Some of the highlights of Iowa History 101 include:

     • How electricity changed life for rural Iowans

     • Admire Iowa sprinter Natasha Kaiser-Brown’s Olympic warm-up jacket

     • Study the boots Iowan Charlie Wittmack laced up to hike Mount Everest

     • Marvel at the NASA flight suit Iowan Peggy Whitson wore into space          



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