Jeff Swisher (R), County Supervisor Dist. 5

     Personal history: I have served on the Anamosa Fire Department from 1991 to present, was Anamosa Fire Chief from 2001-11, served on the Anamosa Police Department from 1997-02, was a Jones County Sheriff Deputy from 2002-19, was the K-9 Handler from 2002-11, and was Chief Deputy from 2011-19. I was a member of the Jones County Emergency Response Team from 2007-18.

     Family: Angela and I live in Anamosa with Cruz. My son Joe lives in Marion with his wife Maria and their daughter Isla.

     1. Why did you choose to run for County Supervisor? Why should Jones County voters cast their ballots in your favor? I chose to run for County Supervisor because I believe I can better serve the public needs. I spent years working alongside the county supervisors and am aware of the commitment needed to best address the needs within our county. I have a proven record of leadership, integrity, and the confidence to execute plans accordingly and make the difficult decisions. I will be available to meet with you; I will visit with you personally to discuss your concerns. I do not intend to just sit behind a desk.

     I believe the core responsibilities of being a county supervisor are fiscal. Spending money on actual needs.

     The county needs better roads, sound infrastructure and a strong public safety system.

     The county needs to ensure the health and safety of citizens and employees.

     I believe it is time to return to core values, what is truly important, and what is in the best interest of the taxpayers and their investment into their county.


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