John Schlarmann, County Supervisor Dist. 1

     Name: John Schlarmann

     Personal history/family: I was raised on a farm in Scotch Grove with my parents and my three siblings who all still reside in Jones County. I have always enjoyed farming, and at a young age, I worked for local farmers. I graduated from Monticello High School and attended Iowa State University’s Ag Studies Program. When I was 18, I began renting my dad’s farm in Scotch Grove and my grandpa’s farm in Castle Grove. I have milked cows, raised hogs, fed cattle, and crop farmed. Currently our farming operation includes cattle, crops, and a trucking business.

     My wife, Jami, works at Mercy Medical Center, and we have three children: Kinzi, Haili, and Nick.

     I have been a member of the Monticello Community School Board for the past five years, currently serving as president. I am a member of the Scared Heart Church Finance Committee and Prairie Hill Cemetery Board. I was a member of the Jones County Cattlemen, where I served as vice president. In my pare time, I enjoy camping, being with friends and family, coaching and watching youth sports.

     Why did you choose to run for County Supervisor? Why should Jones County voters cast their ballots in your favor? Growing up, my parents were Republican precinct chairs. I have always followed the news both nationally and locally. Invariably, the conversation at family gatherings turns to discussing current issues.

     My father-in-law, Charlie Kelchen, is a Vietnam veteran, and Purple Heart recipient. His sacrifice is a reminder of patriotism and being aware of and involved in political issues.

     My family has been an example, encouraged me of the importance of volunteering. From my grandparents, I have inherited the “gift of gab.” I enjoy visiting with and listening to people. My conversations with people led to my decision to run for Supervisor.

     We are fortunate to live in a rural area with a strong work ethic. The unfortunate fact is that these same people fell their opinions are falling on deaf ears. I would like to make sure that everyone is heard.

     Some accomplishments while serving on local boards:

Jones County Cattlemen

     • Increased donations and sponsorships

     • Improved pens and added onto show barn at the Jones County Fairgrounds

     • Funded Wyoming Fair livestock barn improvements

     • Funded youth scholarships

Sacred Heart Finance

     • Managed church funds responsibly

Monticello School Board

     • Maintained a steady tax rate while passing a bond issue

     • Built a new middle school and softball diamond

     • Implemented one-to-one technology

     • Implemented mental health representatives in our school system

     • Student Resource Officer on site

     I am asking for your vote because I pride myself on being driven, approachable, and hardworking. From my experience while serving on local boards, I have found that issues can be resolved with an open mind, compromise, and teamwork. I feel this approach, along with feedback from constituents, will greatly benefit the county. I also feel my leadership skills will be a valuable asset driven by my appreciation for living in Jones County. Lastly, I want to do what I can for my family and all families to ensure a promising, thriving future for Jones County.

     What do you believe are the core responsibilities of being a county supervisor? I believe the core responsibilities of the supervisor are first to be a voice for the residents of Jones County. I also feel you need to be able to negotiate what is best for the county. You need to be able to maintain a budget and adjust when needed. When faced with decisions, using my knowledge of finance and practicality has resulted in success. But I will forever be a lifelong learner. Therefore, I am always willing to look at new options.

     What do you believe are the biggest issues/concerns facing Jones County today? At this time, my concern is how we will meet the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented economically and going forward with recovery efforts.

     In visiting with constituents, other concerns are maintenance of county roads, infrastructure and historical sites, and encouraging and developing future economic development, both large and small. In addition, we need to continue to address the growing drug problem in our community and mental health issues.

     What would be your priorities when preparing the county budget? When preparing the county budget, I would like to personally meet with all of the department heads to familiarize myself with their budgets and what the specific needs of the department are versus the wants. If not currently in place, I would like that a strategic operating plan for the next five years be developed so we could make short-term and long-term plans. I know unexpected expenses arise, so it would be beneficial for each department to have money set aside for unforeseen needs. I learned from my experience on the school board that there are different “buckets” that revenues and expenditures come and go from. I would like to familiarize myself with the county’s revenues and expenses to enable me to make sound decisions that are best for the residents of Jones County. I have served my community, now I would like to serve my county.


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