John Schlarmann (R), County Supervisor Dist. 1

     Personal history: Jones County has always been home to me. I graduated from Monticello High School and attended Iowa State University’s Ag Studies Program. I started farming at 18, renting my grandparents’ farm. Currently our farming operation includes, cattle, crops, and a trucking business.

     Family: My wife, Jami, is employed in Monticello and we have three school-age children: Kinzi, Haili and Nick. My parents, siblings, and mother and father in-law all call Jones County home as well.

     1. Why did you choose to run for County Supervisor? Why should Jones County voters cast their ballots in your favor? I’ve been blessed to live, work, and raise my family in Jones County. I’ve been approached to run for supervisor to represent and serve my fellow county residents – to be their voice.  I feel a major role for a supervisor is meeting with, and listening to, the concerns of constituents. I enjoy visiting with people and discussing current issues. Being on community committees and boards, I’ve served by being approachable, open minded, hardworking, and driven for moving forward with causes and projects.

     2. What background/experience do you bring to the role of County Supervisor? While I was an officer with the Jones County Cattlemen, we increased donations and sponsorships to fund scholarships and other needs for the youth of Jones County. We also improved pens, added onto the show barn at the Jones County Fairgrounds, and helped fund the Wyoming Fairgrounds livestock barn.

     While serving on the Sacred Heart Church Finance Committee I helped manage the church funds appropriately to keep the school and church financially strong.

     I currently serve as president of the Monticello Community School Board of Education. During my five-year tenure, we implemented one-to-one technology, introduced a mental health representative into the school system, and added a student resource officer on site. We did all of this while maintaining a steady tax rate and passing a school bond issue and building a new middle school and softball diamonds. I was also involved in teacher salary negotiations.

     While serving on committees and boards, I was often contacted personally and by phone regarding many issues. I welcome these contacts as an opportunity to gain feedback and input needed to resolve the issue with the best outcome possible. In the process of resolving issues, I’ve learned that it takes an open mind and collaboration to accomplish goals. I will forever be a lifelong learner. Therefore, I am always willing to look at new options.

     3. What goals would you have if elected supervisor? One of my goals, at this time, is to meet the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented economically and going forward with recovery efforts. In visiting with constituents, other concerns are maintenance of county roads, infrastructure and historical sites. Another area of interest is encouraging and strategizing for economic development. I look forward to learning more about the mental health services for our area and overall learning about the financial operations of county government.

     4. What have you heard from voters regarding their concerns facing Jones County? How would you address those concerns? I am grateful to everyone who voted for me in the primary election and encouraged me to run for this position and shared their areas of concern and ideas. If elected on Nov. 3, their voice will be heard. I’ve served my community. I look forward to serving my county.


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