Join me in voting “yes” Sept. 11

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Over the last 40 years, I have had the privilege to serve the community, mainly the youth through numerous school and other civic committees, but none has been as more gratifying than my time spent on the recent Schools Facilities Committee. And here is WHY:

     #1. Superintendent Dr. Brian Jaeger started off each meeting and then let the chips fall where they landed. What a delight it is to work with such an energetic, friendly, involved, and intelligent leader. Any and all decisions were not his but instead, the committee reviewed, discussed at length and then voted.

     #2. The committee was made up of mainly citizens, with just a few school employees, and met for approximately 11 months (including two public meetings where public input was requested) before choosing one plan from 17 different options.

     #3. OPN Architectural Firm, I can’t say enough good things about these great people. They presented and assisted the group in reviewing every possible option and price and were led by Roger Worm, the best, and number one in my book. In my opinion “There was not a rock left unturned in the entire process.”

     I was impressed from the very beginning as the school board interviewed four to five different firms and as Roger Worm (OPN) was ending his presentation he stated that if his firm was to be hired for this project and anyone had a question he stated, “Don’t call my office—I’ll give you my cell number.” I was impressed and, as it turned out, I felt VERY comfortable working with OPN as they worked with the committee to come up with the best possible plan.

     AND YES, we have already heard from a few NAY sayers:
Here are the only OBJECTIONS presented to me followed by MY responses:

     “The present middle school is ok, it was good enough for me and my kids”

     “It was a well built building, but not for today’s education. Estimated cost to bring it up to code and renovate is $30,000,000. Would you like to buy it?”

     “You can not mix middle school students with High School students

     “Separate locked buildings do not mix middle school and high school students, except on the same bus they presently ride to and from school.”

     “Costs too much”

     “THIS IS IMPORTANT: The plan is a $22 million project, BUT only bonding for $15 million, the other $7 million will come from SAVE revenue bonds, which is generated by the state local option sales tax and will not affect property taxes.”

     Traffic Control & Parking… EASILY SOLVED.

     Traffic Control.

     1. Add turn lanes and/or and additional entrances.

     2. Stop and go lights, or STOP signs on Highway 38.

     3. One to two “crossing guards” for one to two hours before and after school.

     4. Crossover walking bridge or tunnel for those students that walk to school.

     5. Any combination of the above.

     Parking: Approximately 325 additional parking spaces are in the plan.

     Let me close by stating that costs rise every year, our new high school is 20 years old and doing nothing would be IRRESPONSIBLE.

     PLEASE JOIN ME AND VOTE “YES” on Sept. 11, 2018.

Dan Dailey

Monticello, Iowa



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