Joint commission proposed tied to intersection closure

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

County Engineer Derek Snead briefed the Jones County Supervisors on the tentative agenda for the Jan. 9 public hearing regarding the closure of the Old Dubuque Road/130th Street intersection. 

During the Jan. 2 meeting Snead urged the board to have specified items spelled out on their agenda to make it easier for the public attending. 

“Being vague doesn’t help the public,” commented Auditor Janine Sulzner, “especially with a controversial issue.” 

“Possible action could be taken in some shape or form,” Snead added. 

Snead said the basis of the hearing is for the closure of the Highway 151 intersection to traffic, with possible construction in the future concerning another connection. 

Snead was scheduled to meet with Anamosa City Administrator Jacob Sheridan on the proposed agenda as well. 

Supervisor Wayne Manternach said there has been talk about forming a joint commission of county and City of Anamosa officials to continue the discussion about the future of the intersection. 

“That needs to be addressed,” he said. 

Snead said he wasn’t sure if he was in favor of a joint commission or not. 

“There are good and bad things about it,” he said. “Taking direction from five or so individuals is less productive versus one or two.” 

Manternach said he wasn’t against forming a commission. He sees it as a bridge between both government entities and the Engineer’s Office. Manternach would also like to see the intersection closed immediately, whether temporary or permanent. “The risks outweigh the inconvenience it brings,” he said. 

“This has to be a joint effort to make it work,” added Supervisor Joe Oswald. 

The board will continue discussion about a possible commission at their next meeting on Jan. 7. 

In other county business: 

• The board approved the filing of tax liens for delinquent water/sewer bills at the following addresses in Center Junction: 12653 Davenport St., 10557 Main St., 10657 Main St., 12471 St. Paul St., 10702 S. Midland St., 10623 Main St., 12601 Prospect St. 

The total amount of the delinquent bills is $7,699.42. 

• The board approved the site monitoring report for the soil remediation project at 311 W. Main St. in Wyoming. This is located at the former Dirks Station. 

• The board approved the final payment for the PCC overlay project on County Road E-45 from Morley to Olin. The final project total came to $2,985,906. The original estimate was $2.8 million. The project contractor was Cedar Valley Construction. 

Snead explained that it is not uncommon for overlay projects to have cost over-runs. 

“Grading took longer than anticipated because of erosion control,” he said. 

• Snead informed the board that his office met with two more landowners on Lead Mine Road to discuss right of way purchases. 

“It went extremely well,” he said. 

So well, in fact, that the two landowners are willing to donate their land toward the project versus the county having to purchase the necessary right of way. 

“That’s a significant large donation to the county,” acknowledged Supervisor Manternach. 

• Sulzner provided a review of the county’s valuation report for 2019 taxable values to be used for the FY 2021 budget. There has been a 3.7 percent increase in taxable value countywide. Last year it was 4.6 percent. 


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