Jones Co. Auditor’s Office makes sure elections are secure

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     On Friday, Nov. 5, Jones County Auditor Whitney Hein, Deputy Auditor Michele Lubben, and a non-partisan audit board held a precinct vote recount from the Nov. 2 election. The precinct was chosen randomly by the Iowa Secretary of State and the audits were conducted in every county across the state.

     I was able to observe the Jones County audit. It was done professionally and efficiently with a multistep process of counts and recounts to verify that paper ballots matched the ballot tabulation machine’s printout. Some losers flippantly claim voter fraud, but, when witnessing the process, you realize the many steps taken to prevent shenanigans and to ensure an accurate vote count.

     Auditors in Iowa and across the country work diligently to ensure every legitimate vote in counted. Auditor Hein and her group are an excellent example of the thorough and meticulous work that is done to make our elections secure.

Bob Gertsen

Oxford Junction, Iowa


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