Jones Co. Republicans host district convention

     The Jones County Republicans hosted the First District Republican Convention Saturday, April 28, at the Berndes Center in Monticello. Over 300 delegates and guests attended. Guest speakers included Governor Kim Reynolds, Senator Joni Ernst, State Auditor Mary Mosiman, and First District House Representative Rod Blum. All highlighted the achievements of the past and addressed future challenges.

     Also in attendance was Secretary of Agriculture candidate Chad Ingels, and spokespersons for Ray Gaesser, Dan Zumbach, and Mike Naig who currently holds the office. 

     State Legislators Lee Hein and Ashley Hinson were in attendance as well as candidates Pauline Chilton of Dubuque for House District 99, Tom Gerhold of Benton County for House District 75, and Carrie Koelker of Dyersville for Senate District 29.

     State platform topics addressed the value of human life, the current costly health care plan, immigration and the over-reach of the federal government. Most of the platform discussion concerned the proposals to delete the support of Article V Convention of States.

     District 1 voted to support Article V, which is a U.S. Constitutional provision for the people to propose amendments to reign in the power and the scope of the federal government when the U.S. Congress refuses to do so.


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