Jones County as a whole can benefit

Express Editorial

     If you haven’t heard by now, there is a lot to look forward to this summer in Jones County.

     We have the traditional events and activities such as the Great Jones County Fair, Fourth of July events in every community in Jones County, and Uptown Summer Nights in Monticello. The Monticello Chamber of Commerce and WIN-Monticello have events planned throughout the year, as well.

     But Monticello and Jones County will be on the map for a few other statewide and regional events that will bring quite a crowd upon their arrivals.

     The WMT Tractorcade is the first to arrive in Monticello, June 7-10. Each day the drivers will embark on a different route throughout the county and neighboring counties, beginning and ending their day in Monticello.

     The event typically draws around 500 tractors and drivers, not to mention their families.

     A month after the tractors roll out of town, Monticello will welcome the inaugural Iowa’s Ride from Dubuque on July 12. Monticello is the first over-night stop for this new group of cyclists riding across Iowa from east to west.

     The event plans to cap riders at 5,000, yet we’ll no doubt see support vehicles and crewmembers also in tow as well.

     This event arrives on a Sunday, which tends to be a quiet day throughout Monticello. The hope from the Iowa’s Ride committee is that the community welcomes these visitors and to entice them to return again to take advantage of all that Monticello has to offer.

     RAGBRAI will be in Jones County the week of the fair, July 23. They will stay overnight in Anamosa, but likely tour Jones County in the process.

     With so much going on this summer and so many people coming to our great county, we need to market ALL that Jones County has to offer. This is a huge opportunity to show off Jones County and offer a great first impression for many who will be here throughout the summer. Then, hopefully they’ll want to come back and explore more at a later date.

     While these summer events are mainly hitting Monticello and Anamosa, they’ll impact the entire county, including the smaller communities as well. The WMT Tractorcade has planned routes through Stone City, Oxford Junction, Wyoming, Onslow, Amber, Scotch Grove, and Sand Springs. What an opportunity to sell Jones County! Why not have your kids set up a water or lemonade stand on the side of the road as the tractors and Iowa’s Ride bicyclists go by? Have your kids make themed signs and hold them up as the parade goes by. Maybe you or a family member can get creative and make a display or statue to welcome these visitors to Jones County. Anything to say, “Welcome to Jones County! Come back again!” (K.N.B.)


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