K Food Mart opens on Main Street

Gasoline and diesel are offered at K Food Mart on S. Main Street. The gas station also sells beverages, snacks, cigarettes, and liquor. They hope to provide cooked meals soon as well. (Photo by Kim Brooks)

K Food Mart gas station, located on S. Main Street, is now under new ownership. After being closed for a couple of years, the Kapoor family of Cedar Rapids reopened it on Nov. 1. From left are Romy, Angad, Tamanna, and Amra Kapoor. (Photos by Kim Brooks)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     The new owners of K Food Mart in Monticello are excited to run a family-friendly gas station and convenience store.

     K Food Mart, located on S. Main Street, is now owned by Romy and Amra Kapoor of Cedar Rapids. The couple and their two children (Angad and Tamanna Kapoor) moved to Iowa a few months ago from New York.

     “We had friends in Eastern Iowa and liked the people here,” said Romy as to why they chose to pack up and move to the Midwest. “We wanted to settle down here.”

     Amra said everyone they’ve met in their short time in Iowa has been nice, helpful and honest.

     Coming from New York where people never sleep, the Kapoor family said they’re enjoying the pace of small-town Iowa.

     “There’s peace and quiet here,” joked Romy.

     After sitting empty for two years, the Kapoors purchased K. Food Mart a couple of months ago, and just opened the business again a week ago.

     A lot of interior work was needed to clean the building up before they could open. They did the majority of the work themselves, spending many hours to do so. Other work was hired out.

     “There was mostly cleaning that needed to be done and fixing the kitchen equipment,” said Romy.

     K Food Mart offers both gasoline and diesel, with four pumps in the front of the convenience store. Senior citizens can pull up and request full-service.

     Inside, they offer beverages from the wall of coolers, fountain pop, beer, and coffee. Customers can get a free cup of coffee with any purchase. Those who buy 8 gallons or more of gas can purchase a fountain pop for just 49 cents.

     They also have hot cappuccino on hand as well.

     Behind the counter you can purchase cigarettes/cigars and liquor.

     In no time at all, Romy said they would start offering cooked food as well such as sandwiches, pizza, and “the best fried chicken around.”

     Before coming to Iowa, Romy worked for a limousine company in New York. After purchasing K Food Mart, Romy and Amra took several business classes to get a hand on the convenience store industry. They secured their cigarette and liquor licenses, and passed both the fire and health inspections.

     “We took lots of training,” said Romy.

     As for why they wanted to own and operate a gas station in Monticello, Romy said after driving through, “The town looked to be busy, full of businesses and nice people.”

     Aside from the staples, K Food Mart has an ATM inside with just a $1 fee, and they take credit/debit cards and cash.

     Running a small-town family business, Romy said it’s important to support others.

     K Food Mart is open Monday through Saturday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

     “If it does good,” said Romy of their business thriving, “we’ll stay open longer.”


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