The killing fields, here, there, and anywhere

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     It is way past time to get serious about the huge number of children and adults who have been killed by assault weapons in the USA in recent years. In less than a week, two large numbers were killed in just two events: eight in Atlanta, Ga., and 10 in Boulder, Colo.

     Are you going to feel sure this cannot happen in Iowa, the next time you go to your local Fareway or Hy-Vee store?

     Think of the danger we are all threatened with, any time and any place we go, where people gather! It is time to address the wide-open attitude of the legislation that allows this to happen. No ordinary citizen needs to own an assault weapon of any kind.

     Meanwhile, we have an Iowa Republican Congress woman who just voted against the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act 2021.


     Basically it would restrict gun ownership by those who threat or stalk their partner or girlfriend. And she is voting in recognition of the guidelines of the National Rifle Association.

     We need to pay attention to the Iowa Legislature as well. They are considering not to require a permit to buy or sell a handgun. The most serious issue with this is in private sales.

     Study, listen, and learn to keep you and others safe in this dangerous point in our history. Pay attention to what our state and national representatives are up to, then respond to protect yourself and others!

     Thank you for your consideration of these issues…

Marilyn Gray

Onslow, Iowa


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