Kudos to the Jones County Auditor’s Office

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     What a great job our county auditor and her staff have done during this crazy election year!

     Since 1994, Janine Sulzner has been an exceptional leader in county government. Professional, prepared, and transparent, she works hard to make sure all voters in Jones County have a voice in government each election. I firmly believe no other auditor in Iowa has been more forward thinking, and the citizens of Jones County have been fortunate to have Janine at the helm all these years.

     This year, I was fortunate to have a front-row seat as an Absentee Vote Count Observer and Poll Watcher, to watch first hand the great work Janine, her staff, and many volunteers do to ensure a smooth election, even during this time of COVID-19. I was most amazed at the number of absentee ballots that 12 volunteers (six Republicans and six Democrats) were able to process in just two days with very few issues. Led by Deputy Auditor Kim Sorgenfrey, she guided this team methodically and professionally through the examination and counting of each and every ballot. Thank you, Kim, for a great job.

     Finally, I would like to thank Janine for her many years of service and wish her well for whatever comes next.

Tony Amsler

Monticello, Iowa


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