Let us feature your holiday traditions

Kim Brooks

In December 2009, I wrote a feature story on the Prull family’s holiday baking tradition. I’d love to share more families’ traditions in the coming weeks. (Express file photo)
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Kim Brooks
Express Editor

   In December 2009, just a few months after I started working at the Express, I had the privilege of doing a special feature about a special family in Monticello.

   That holiday season marked the 12th annual Prull family baking tradition that spanned three generations. This year will be the 25th annual Prull family holiday gathering, and another generation joining in the fun.

   We all have special holiday traditions. Featuring the Prull family was just one example of so many cherished memories.

   With the holidays fast approaching, I'd be proud to share others' holiday traditions. Simply drop me an email at kbrooks@monticelloexpress.com or call the Express at 319-465-3555 and tell me a little about your family's fun holiday tradition. Hopefully we can work out a day and time to visit about your family's long-standing traditions!

   Growing up, my mom and younger sister and I always baked and decorated sugar cookies, leaving a few out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

   We also have a tradition in our family of having green bean casserole at every major holiday, not just Thanksgiving. (My mom makes THE BEST green bean casserole!)

   I attempted to make her green bean casserole last Thanksgiving; it just wasn't the same. Sometimes you need to leave it to the expert. Afterall, my mom has been making green bean casserole for a few decades now…

   You'll see an ad in this week's Express and Shoppers' Guide inviting the public to an open house at the Monticello library on Dec. 1. The event is to honor Michelle Turnis for her many years of service, hard work, and dedication to the library.

   Turnis announced a couple of months ago that she was resigning as library director. She's worked for the library for 18 years; the last 10 years as director.

   I've been serving on the library board for 10 years; I was on the board when we hired Michelle and I have never regretted that decision. Michelle possesses great leadership skills. She has a passion for Monticello, for the public library, reading, and providing great opportunities for the people of Monticello. She will be missed at the library; I know I'll miss popping in to visit with her…

   Please stop in the library on Dec. 1 to wish Michelle good luck in her new job and to share with her just how much she meant to you as part of your library experience.

   There are several people who have impacted my life over the years such as teachers/professors, co-workers, family friends, church friends, etc. Michelle is also one of those people. She added to my passion for the public library. She showed me that you need to advocate for your community library, whether it's for funding or support. She showed me that you need to fight for the library. You have people who want to stifle free expression within libraries. You have people wanting to stifle public access within libraries. Libraries are for everyone!


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