LHA Tax Service expands to downtown Monticello

Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Lundahl, Hatt & Austad Tax Service, Inc. has been around for 66 years, serving clients in the Marion area. Now, their services will expand into Monticello.

   Last April, LHA was on hand in Monticello at Strittmatter Law Firm to introduce themselves to Attorney Nick Strittmatter’s clients. With tax season fast approaching, LHA will be utilizing space inside Strittmatter’s office to continue to serve clients locally, old and new.

   “We received word that Nick was looking into future retirement and wanting to cut back on tax preparations, still doing legal work,” explained LHA President Nicole Nassif.

   LHA was started by Vince and Grace (Cira) Hatt. Members of that still run and work for the company, including their granddaughter, Nicole Nassif. Cory Townsend, who grew up in Anamosa, serves a vice president.

   “We started the conversation a year ago and it snowballed from there,” Townsend said of the expansion.

   Nassif said both Strittmatter’s and LHA have similar stories of their origin, as both started out and continue to be family and locally owned.

   “We both have that longevity and family history,” she said. “We’re able to develop those relationships with people in the community; something we enjoy doing, being in business as long as we have.”

   LHA employs between 20 and 25 employees, including seasonal staff who assist during tax season.

   “It ramps up then,” added Townsend.

   They offer a variety of services during tax season, as well as year-round:

   • Bookkeeping

   • Bank reconciliation

   • Payroll

   • Tax preparation

   “A future service we’d like to offer is financial planning for business clients and business development,” suggested Nassif.

   In a letter LHA’s sent out to all clients, it states that they employ a “robust and tenured staff.” That includes Michelle Turnis of Hopkinton, who recently joined their team and will be based out of their Monticello office year-round. Denise Bone, originally of Monticello, works as a CPA in both Marion and Monticello.

   Nassif, Townsend, and Bone will all be dividing their time between both of LHA’s offices.

   “We want this to be an easy transition for Nick’s clients,” offered Townsend.

   With their tax services, LHA prides itself on making things as easy for their clients as possible.

   “We have the resources to exchange data confidentially through electronic means when preferred, including digitally signing your tax returns if desired,” stated the letter.

   With locations now in Jones and Linn counties, LHA serves clients outside of both counties, but with a majority in the Marion area.

   As technology improved their means of doing business and serving their clients, they were able to expand their reach as well.

   “Our clients are all over the U.S.,” said Nassif. “We do payroll for businesses in other states. We have digital delivery options now.”

   All of this is also regulated by and in compliance with the IRS.

   This method allows Iowa’s snowbirds who head south of the winter to get their taxes done as well.

   LHA hopes to be up and running before the end of this year.

   Nassif said while things start to pick up in November and December, their busy time is really in February after people start receiving their tax documents.

   “This is a new venture for us,” Townsend said. “We’re very excited as we iron out the logistics. “We’re excited about the expansion and how it’ll all play out.

   “We’d like to expand our payroll and bookkeeping services in the area and expand our team,” he added.

   LHA will serve current and new clients in Monticello. You can reach out by calling 319-820-0039 or emailing info@LHAtax.com.

   LHA Tax Service will be located inside Strittmatter’s office at 123 E. First St.


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