Lions Club White Can Day, Oct. 13

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Did you know that your Monticello Lions screen over 100 children each year for eyesight correction and eye disease? Several years ago, our club purchased a $10,000 digital eye-screening camera with the help from local donations, including a $2,000 grant from Theisen’s.

     John Sauser chairs our Monticello Kid Sight Program and leads Lion members Dennis Joslyn, Carol Hagen, Kay Adams, Kevin Adams, Neal White, Jim Manternach, Marla Walters, Doug Adams and Jim Behrends in screening our children. Our club has also screened children entering preschool in both Anamosa and Hopkinton. Statewide Iowa Lions have screened over 550,000 children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years since Kid Sight began in the year 2000.

     International White Can Safety Day will be recognized by your Monticello Lions Club on this coming Saturday, Oct. 13. Lions members will greet the public throughout the City of Monticello, giving awareness to our club’s “seeing initiatives,” including Kid Sight, transport of eye tissue donations to the Iowa Lions Eye Bank, and Seeing-Eye-Dogs for the visual impaired.

     On Oct. 13, look for Lion Club members at Karde’s 151, Theisen’s, Casey’s and Fareway from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Lions will collect dollar donations of any size for White Can Safety Day to be given to the Iowa Lions Kid Sight Program. We will also collect any used eyeglasses and hearing aids at all four locations.

     Lions also wishes to thank Karde’s 151, Theisen’s, Casey’s and Fareway Stores for allowing our members to promote White Can Safety Day on Saturday, Oct. 13, by collecting dollar donations outside their doors. Please support these businesses, who support Lions in helping our kids!

Lion Rev. Wade Reddy

Monticello, Iowa



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