Local communities honored for support of Coalition

Many residents of Onslow were present on Oct. 30 to accept their award from the Coalition in recognition of their support. Coalition Project Coordinator Jennifer Husmann presented the award. From left are Kirk Keith, Carole Paschedag, Marilyn Gray, Christina Oberbreckling, Nancy Keith, and Tom and Shirley Gutzeit. (Photos by Kim Brooks)

All of the Jones County Supervisors were on hand to receive their service award. The county has passed several ordinances in support of the Coalition’s efforts. From left are Jon Zirkelbach, Joe Oswald, Ned Rohwedder, Lloyd Eaken, and Wayne Manternach.
Staff report

     The Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition presented its annual service awards to several cities on Oct. 30 during the “World Café Health Fair” and candidate forum in Monticello.

     Presenting the awards was Jennifer Husmann, Coalition project coordinator.

     Kris Kilburg of Anamosa accepted the award on behalf of the City of Anamosa, recognized “for their support in reducing substance abuse and making a healthier environment for all in their community.”

     Anamosa passed a smoke, nicotine, and vape-free ordinance for all city parks and around the Lawrence Center.

     The Lawrence Center allows the Coalition to hold their monthly meetings at the facility, free of charge.

     Several Anamosa police officers are also involved in the efforts of the Coalition.

     “Thank you Anamosa for continuing to look at the changes and challenges our youth and communities are facing and being willing to step up to help kids and adults stay safe and healthy,” said Husmann.

     The City of Martelle was the next recipient, with Corey McCracken representing, pastor of the Martelle Christian Church. Husmann said Martelle was the first community in Jones County to support the Coalition with funding as the Drug Free Community Grant comes to an end.

     The city has supported the Responsible Beverage Service Training. Husmann said the city and library continue to post Coalition events on their bulletin boards and Facebook pages for all to see.

     The Martelle Christian Church has been a site for Coalition meetings, allowing the Coalition to move their meetings throughout the county.

     “Thank you Martelle for being a community that values our Jones County youth and supports the youth activities of the Coalition, both financially and by spreading the word,” said Husmann.

     The City of Onslow was represented by Tom and Shirley Gutzeit, Kirk Keith, Carole Paschedag, Christina Oberbreckling, and Marilyn Gray. Oberbreckling helped to organize the Onslow Family Fun Day in June at the city park, which showed off the new playground equipment. The Coalition was part of the Family Fun Day.

     Onslow was also the first city in Jones County to pass a smoke, tobacco, nicotine-free park policy for the city park, almost two years ago.

     The city council has also financially helped the Coalition through funding.

     “We thank Onslow for all their work over the years to host National Night Out events, a Coalition meeting, and posting information about Text1Tell and other Coalition activities,” shared Husmann.

     The City of Olin was represented by Ned Rohwedder. Olin was recognized for the “outstanding efforts to reduce substance abuse.”

     Husmann said most of the Olin businesses have given financially to the Coalition every year for many years. The city council passed the Responsible Beverage Service Training ordinance, and another underage drinking-related ordinance.

     Residents and the Olin library post Coalition events around town. The library also works with the Coalition’s prevention specialist “to educate youth during the summer and the young students during the school year.”

     The Jones County Board of Supervisors were all on hand to accept their award. Husmann said the county continues to help make a difference in preventing youth substance abuse.

     “The Jones County Supervisors are looked at as a model across the state with other community coalitions for their support of prevention,” she said.

     Over the years the county has passed several ordinances: keg registration, social host to include substances like prescription drugs and marijuana, underage consumption, Responsible Beverage Service Training, and a public impairment to include drugs and alcohol.

     The county also started financially supporting the Coalition so activities can continue.

     Other county agencies that support the Coalition include: County Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Public Health, and Conservation. “They have all worked alongside the rest of the community to see Jones County be a safer place for our youth,” praised Husmann.

     Brenda Hanken of Monticello, and a Coalition supporter, accepted the award on behalf of the City of Monticello.

     “The Coalition is extremely proud to see Monticello in partnership with the Monticello School District funding a School Resource Officer (SRO) for the Monticello youth,” remarked Husmann. This is the first SRO in the county. “It is exciting that Officer (Dawn) Graver will be able to spend more time on substance abuse prevention as well as focus on prevention of other health and safety issues in our schools,” continued Husmann.

     The Monticello Police Department has allowed use of their facility for Coalition meetings. One of the officers teaches Responsible Beverage Service Training as well.

     The city council also financially supports the Coalition, and allows use of various facilities for meetings and events.



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