Manternach announces run for re-election for supervisor

Wayne Manternach
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

Wayne Manternach of Monticello has announced his fourth run for Jones County Supervisor. Manternach represents District 1, and is currently the chairman of the board. 

Manternach has been serving for 12 years on the board. When he first ran for office, he felt the need to “step up and serve the community.” Manternach said he has always been interested in running, and felt he just needed to put his hat in the ring. 

As for why he wants to run for re-election again, Manternach said he simply wants to continue the work he’s doing for the citizens of Jones County. This is especially true in the mental health/disability services region, of which Jones County is a member of. Manternach has been involved with the region since its inception six years ago. He continues to serve on the region’s board of directors as chairman. 

“I feel it’s very important. A lot of work has gone into this region,” said Manternach. “We’ve made a lot of progress in a lot of areas. I look to see it succeed.” 

In his 12 years on the board, Manternach is proud to say the board had always been fiscally responsible. 

Among his other accomplishments, bringing additional mental health services to the county that were not available before. 

“I’m proud to be a part of a good period of time for Jones County,” he said. 

Should he get re-elected, Manternach hopes to continue the progressive nature of the board of supervisors. For example, he points to Secondary Roads for being progressive with the county’s roads and bridges. In 2013, the county had 52 bridges/structures posted for weight restrictions. That amounted to almost 30 percent of the county’s total bridges. After Secondary Roads replaces two bridges on Shaw Road this year, only 11 structures will remain posted. 

Manternach also wants to see progressiveness with mental health services. 

Manternach is a farmer, a husband, a father of two active children. He said over the years, especially when his children were younger, it was difficult to balance his job as a county supervisor and his home and family life. 

“I’m committed to everything,” he said, noting that the job of a county supervisor is not just one meeting a week. 

In his 12 years on the board, Manternach has only missed two regularly scheduled meetings. 

With support on his farm, Manternach said he missed very few of his kids’ events. 

Manternach’s name will be on the ballot for the June 2, 2020 Primary Election. He hopes to see his name again on the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election ballot. 

As the longest-serving county supervisor, Manternach said it’s all about experience when it comes to voting for the best candidate. 

“Experience and dedication,” he said. “I’m hard working. No one will put anymore time and effort into the job.” 

As a county supervisor, Manternach serves on a variety of committees, many of which meet outside of the county: Board of Health, DECAT/CPPC, GIS, HACAP, and mental health. Manternach is proud to say that when he started serving on HACAP years ago, they were in the red in terms of food deficient. Now, they are in the green, meaning a food surplus. 

It’s been mentioned that county elected officials should be non-partisan, meaning not affiliated with a political party. Manternach is a Republican, yet doesn’t see parties playing a role in county elections. He really doesn’t maintain an opinion on the matter, but recognizes how candidates can start out in the county level to move up to state office or beyond. 

“I want to make sure the citizens of Jones County are well represented. I hope for your support and thank you for that support in the past,” voiced Manternach. “I look forward to four more years.” 


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