The many mother figures in our lives

Kim Brooks
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Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     There are different definitions of “mother,” especially in society today.

     We all have various forms of moms in our lives… Birth moms, step-moms, adoptive moms, mother-like figures, aunts, grandmothers/great grandmothers, mothers-in-law, older sisters, older female cousins, older good friends… The list goes on and on.

     These moms have all had some level of influence on our lives in more ways than one.

     My mom and I are so alike it’s scary. In fact, her Mother’s Day card said so. The front of the card simply said: “No one gets me like you do, Mom.” The inside: “There may be something wrong with you.” (Let me preface that I don’t like receiving cards, nor do I like giving them. But if I am going to give a card, I like to make it a humorous one.)

     I do quite a bit with my mom; we spend a lot of time together. We enjoy shopping, going to (and spending way too much money at) bookstores, going out to eat, attending movies together, traveling together, simply just hanging out with one another. When it comes to going to movie theaters, I think my mom accompanies me to movies that I prefer out of pity. (I think she’s looking forward to seeing the new “Jurassic World” movie soon!)

     We’ve made a lot of memories traveling the country over the years, but a highlight was certainly our trip to Washington, D.C. last April. Six days just was not enough time to capture it all and take in all of the sights throughout our nation’s capital. A return trip is most definitely on my bucket list!

     I have several mother-like figures in my family as well.

     On Mother’s Day I sent a text message to my cousin Jessica, mother of three, wishing her a happy mom’s day and thanking her for all the times she fed me, much like a mother. While she’s two years younger than me, I feel as though her wisdom and personality makes her “older and wiser” as they say. I go to Jessica for advice, laughter, insight. We just get each other. Whenever I stop by her home, it seems I end up staying for supper (part of my evil plan).

     My Aunt Mary is also a mother-like figure in my life, and my sister’s life as well. She’s our family’s steady rock in good times and bad. Despite a tragedy of her own years ago in losing her daughter, my aunt is determined to live life to the fullest and make life better for everyone she meets.

     So many women leave lasting impressions on our lives, whether coming into our lives when we were very young, in our teen years, adult years, etc. Former teachers of mine from elementary, middle school and high school have impacted my life even today. My sixth grade teacher in Earlville challenged me in the classroom to always do my best. My high school math teacher made math fun, and had I not pursued a career in writing, I might have looked into teaching math myself. My high school journalism teacher, and wife of my co-worker Pete Temple, is responsible for where I am today (good or bad).

     “Mother” means so much more than the woman who gave birth to a child. The definition I like best: “bringing up a child with care and affection.”

     All of the mother figures in my life through the years fit that definition, so thank-you for your caring personality and the affection you have bestowed upon me.

      Happy Mother’s Day!



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