McDonough represents Monti in baseball tournament

Taylor McDonough will represent Monticello on Aug. 4 in the Semi-Pro Baseball Tournament in Dyersville. McDonough is currently attending ISU. (Photo submitted)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     The Monticello queen candidate for the Dyersville Commercial Club Semi-Pro Baseball Tournament has been named. Taylor McDonough, daughter of Tina and Tim McDonough, will represent Monticello on Friday night, Aug. 4 during the 67th Annual Tournament in Dyersville.

     McDonough was approached a few weeks ago about the honor.

     “I’ve been to a lot of games as a kid,” she said of the Monticello Cubs team, playing the tournament. “I’m close with a lot of the players.”

     McDonough said it’s an honor to be asked to represent Monticello, especially with how long this semi-pro baseball tournament has been taking place.

     “It’s been around for a long time,” she said.

     In fact, McDonough has another connection to the tournament. She said her great aunt, Rose Cook, represented Monticello many years ago.

     The McDonoughs are also good friends with Dale and Lisa Sperfslage. Their daughter, Sonya, represented Monticello in last year’s tournament. Dale was a former coach and team member of the Monticello Cubs.

     “The Sperfslages are pretty much family,” said McDonough.

     When she’s home from college, McDonough gets together with some of the Cubs players for volleyball at the Monticello Berndes Center or sand volleyball at Legacy Lanes.

     As part of the pageant, McDonough had to submit an application explaining where she attends school and what activities she’s involved in. Right now she attends Iowa State University, majoring in advertising with a minor in event management.

     Prior to transferring to ISU, McDonough attended the University of Iowa. As a marketing major, she got involved in the advertising club. Wanting to explore the world of advertising more, McDonough transferred in January to ISU because UI does not have advertising as a major.

     “I realized I really liked advertising, but there was no major,” she said.

     McDonough also took part in an interview as part of the Dyersville tournament. That involved answering questions about her future plans, why she was chosen to represent Monticello, a description of herself, and who she considers her hero.

     “There were 10 questions,” shared McDonough.

     In terms of describing herself, McDonough said, “I hope people say that I’m kind, outgoing and genuine.”

     She also shared that her hero is her aunt Jill (Cook) McDermott, also of Monticello.

     “She always has a smile on her face,” said McDonough.

     Jill and Mike McDermott have two young kids, Blake and Morgan, battling MPS III, or Sanfilippo syndrome. McDonough said she gets tired just spending a few hours watching and playing with her cousins. But, McDermott keeps going 24/7.

     “She was an easy answer for me,” said McDonough of naming her aunt as her hero.

     Last week, McDonough and her mother, Tina, also attended the mother-daughter dinner as part of the tournament festivities.

     If McDonough wins, she joins a prestigious list of former Monticello queens: Taylor Aitchison in 2012, Patricia Rochford in 1983, Deborah Crow in 1969, and Carla Folkers in 1958.

     McDonough is competing against 15 other girls representing towns throughout Eastern Iowa.

     McDonough is a 2016 graduate of Monticello High School.

     Again, the crowning will take place on Aug. 4, with the tournament championship game on Aug. 5.


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