MCSD COVID numbers come down

Staff report

     After the fifth week of school, COVID-19-related numbers at the Monticello School District remain steady.

     “We continue to learn more from every positive case and then make adjustments to improve our situation,” said Superintendent Brian Jaeger.

     He pointed out the fact that Jones County’s positive case count is increasing. The two-week positivity rate for the county is 9 percent.

     “That is still under the school closure rate of 15 percent,” noted Jaeger.

     The district continues to promote good hygiene practices such as face coverings and social distancing while at school. All extra curricular activities associated with the MCSD will require the public to wear face coverings as well.

     “Please understand we all need to do our part to be safe in this environment,” Jaeger urged.

     As of Sept. 25, the MCSD had 11 people in isolation (showing a variety of symptoms), and 32 in quarantine (exposed to someone with COVID-19, not necessarily at school). Those numbers amount to approximately 4 percent of the student body population.

     There are, however, 250 PreK-12 students participating on full online or hybrid learning. That’s 25 percent of the student body.

     Jaeger reminds parents that if their child is showing any symptoms, keep them home from school.

     “This will be hard to do as we enter the cold and flu seasons because the COVID-19 symptoms look like the cold or flu,” said Jaeger. “Coming to school when someone is not feeling well puts other students and staff at risk of exposure. No one wants to be quarantined for 14 days when someone else makes a bad decision about coming to school when they are not feeling well.”


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