MCSD to modify calendar for 100 percent in-person learning

Staff report

     On Friday, Jan. 29, Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill into law requiring all schools in Iowa to offer 100 percent in-person learning for its students.

     Each Wednesday, the Monticello School District offers a full day of online learning. Superintendent Brian Jaeger said, therefore, the district offers in-person learning 80 percent of the time. To meet the legislature and Governor’s requirements, Jaeger explained, “We are drafting the appropriate notifications that are required with this law and we will be bringing an amended calendar to the school board in a few weeks to address the new requirements.”

     Jaeger said the new requirements don’t have to be in place until the week of Feb. 15.

     “We have some time to sort out all of the legalities and information coming out from the Department of Education before then,” continued Jaeger. “I am hopeful that we can find a solution that meets the requirements of the new law and allows our students to continue to attend in-person or online.”

     In terms of the ongoing COVID pandemic locally, the positivity rate in Monticello and Jones County is almost identical at 11.6 and 11.7 percent respectively. In the last week, there have been 12 new cases in Monticello and 29 in the county. Cases have gone up since a week ago.

     “We are still in a very good place with our school numbers,” reported Jaeger.

     There are 12 students and one staff member currently in isolation, and five students and zero staff under quarantine. That’s approximately 2 percent of the student population and less then 1 percent of the staff out for COVID-19-related reasons.

     “These continue to be really good numbers for both staff and students,” praised Jaeger.

     Over the last couple of weeks, the MCSD has seen its online-only/hybrid numbers remain about the same at approximately 111 students in PreK-12, or 11 percent of the student body. Those families wishing to move to in-person learning are encouraged to contact their building principal.


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