MCSD offering ‘Grab and Go’ Wednesday lunches

     Pat Kelly, Food Service director for the Monticello School District, announced that school lunches would still be made available to students on Wednesdays.

     Wednesdays during the 2020-21 school year will be online learning-only days for the Monticello Community School District. Even though online learning is done from home, the district still wants to give students the opportunity to eat a school lunch. The Food Service Department will be offering “Grab and Go” lunch for Monticello students every Wednesday. The only lunch pick-up location will be at the main entrance of Shannon Elementary from 11-11:30 a.m.

     There are a few requirements to be able to pick up a “Grab and Go” lunch:

     • Lunches will only be available to children enrolled in the MCSD.

     • The child will be charged a lunch to their existing lunch account. This will be the same as the normal daily lunch plan.

     • If a child receives a free or reduced lunch, they will be charged accordingly.

     • Parents can pick up the lunches for their children and adult lunches will be available for parents at a cost of $4.

     • There will not be space to eat lunch at the school. these Wednesday lunches will be “Grab and Go.”

     If you have additional questions, contact Kelly at


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