MCSD reports 50 students out related to COVID

Staff report

     Monticello Community Schools Superintendent Brian Jaeger released his weekly district-wide update on Friday, Sept. 4, concerning COIVD-19.

     The week of Aug. 31 through Sept. 4, students had four full days of in-person classes, and a required online learning day on Wednesday.

     “Our staff has done a fantastic job of putting together in-person learning and online learning for every student,” reported Jaeger. “As you could imagine, this is a big challenge for our staff as we have never done daily preparation for both in-person and online learning before.”

     Jaeger asked that parents and families be patient with the teachers, just as they’ll be patient with the students.

     Jaeger also provided updated numbers for the district. There are currently 50 students out for COVID-related reasons.

     “That does not mean 50 students have COVID-19,” warned Jaeger. “Students are out for various reasons some have been exposed to someone directly who tested positive and are home on quarantine. Others are showing symptoms or multiple symptoms, and we are waiting for COVID test results or the results from a doctor’s visit with an alternative diagnosis.”

     With 5 percent of the student population out right now, Jaeger asks that people take it at face value, week by week.

     There are also now 130 PreK-12 students taking part in online learning district wide. That’s 13 percent of the student body.

     “I want to remind you that online learning is downloaded recordings or content from the teachers that students can access, learn from, and submit for feedback,” explained Jaeger. “We do record attendance through the completion of the online work.”

     He stipulated that only those families that have received approval from their child’s building principal can take part in 100 percent online learning.

     Related to online learning, MCSD teachers are only available until 4 p.m. each weekday for access.

     “If you have questions after that time, please do not expect a response until the next school day,” Jaeger offered.


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