MCSD sees rise in positive COVID cases

Staff report

     The Monticello Community School District is starting to see the effects of group gatherings from the previous two weekends, including what would have been Homecoming weekend (Sept. 25-26).

     “I wish it were better news this week,” Superintendent Brian Jaeger stated in his weekly COVID-19 update.

     Exposures from various gatherings have brought on additional positive cases.

     “If we are not careful in the upcoming weeks, we may have several more exposures,” warned Jaeger. “This is how community spread works.”

     The district-wide exposures stemmed from the elementary level, middle school, and high school.

     “In some cases we were lucky that the student that was positive was not in school during the time they were contagious,” continued Jaeger.

     He encouraged parents/guardians to closely monitor their children throughout this week, limiting their exposure to others, if possible.

     “Monticello is not trending in a good direction with positive cases right now,” noted Jaeger.

     With conference and district tournaments about to take place in every sport at the high school level, if just a few students test positive for COVID-19, it could end the sports season prematurely.

     The MCSD has 23 students in isolation. That means they’re showing a variety of symptoms. Seventy-seven are under quarantine, meaning they’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19, but not necessarily while in school.

     “That is about 10 percent of our student body that is out for COVID-19-related reasons,” Jaeger said. “This number is up about 30 students from last week.”

     As of Oct. 9, the district had 228 PreK-12 students participating in full online learning or hybrid learning. That amounts to 23 percent of the student population.


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