MCSD watches COVID case numbers closely

Staff report

     “Please, please, please think twice before gathering in groups over the next few weeks. We are one of the hottest counties in one of the hottest states right now for COVID-19.”

     Monticello Schools Superintendent Brian Jaeger expressed those sentiments on Nov. 20 in his weekly update to the parents of the Monticello School District.

     Since the school district went online on Nov. 11, Jaeger has been in constant contact with Jones County Public Health on the case numbers for the county and Monticello.

     “The positivity numbers for Jones County have dropped, and the numbers in Monticello have remained pretty flat,” he reported.

     Jaeger shared the following data:

     • Nov. 3 – 18.2 percent in Jones County, 12.6 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 4 – 19.3 percent in Jones County, 14.5 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 9 – 42.7 percent in Jones County, 29.8 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 10 – 43.6 percent in Jones County, 31.6 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 13 – 48.6 percent in Jones County, 35.4 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 16 – 50.8 percent in Jones County, 36.8 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 17 – 50 percent in Jones County, 36 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 18 – 38.4 percent in Jones County, 35.4 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 19 – 38.3 percent in Jones County, 36.2 percent in Monticello

     • Nov. 20 – 40 percent in Jones County, 37.4 percent in Monticello

     “In addition, over the last seven days, there have been 219 positive COVID cases in Jones County, and 67 positive cases in Monticello,” added Jaeger.

     On Monday, Nov. 23, the school and public health will begin collecting data on staff and students to estimate those no longer under quarantine/isolation. The goal is to transition back to in-person learning on Nov. 30. Jaeger said he plans to made a decision and inform the community by the end of the day on Nov. 24.


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